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LEGENDA DIFFICOLTA' ESERCIZI: molto facile facile medio difficile molto difficile
O JOHN! O John! The sun has just set. It is not hot now. Let us run and jump. I think it is fun to run and skip and jump. See the duck on the pond! Her nest is up on the bank under the rock. We must not touch the nest, but we may look at it.
1.Why is it not hot now? / 2.What is it fun to do? / 3.What is on the pond? / 4.Where is the nest?
PLAYING WITH FRIENDS. John went for a bike ride. He rode around the block. Then he met some girls he knew from school. They all rode to the field to play. John had a great time playing games with his friends.
1.John went for a ( car / bike )ride. -- 2.He rode around the ( block / circle ). -- 3.Then he met some ( boys / girls )he knew from school. --...
A BIRTHDAY PARTY. Lisa went to a birthday party on Saturday. There were many girls there. They played a lot of great games at the party. Then they had dessert. All of the girls got balloons as party favors. Lisa loved her red balloon.
1.Lisa went to a (slumber / birthday) party on Saturday. -- 2.There were many (girls / boys)there. -- 3.They played a lot of great (movies /...
BASEBALL. Tim went to the park with his brother. They brought baseballs and gloves. They played catch for two hours. It started to getvery hot out, so they went home for some lemonade. They had a great day.
1.What did Tim do with his brother? a.Go to school b.Go to the park / 2.What did they take with them? a.Baseballs and gloves b.Books and pencils /...
WINTER FUN. Mary and her family went sledding. They each brought their own sled. When they got to the hill, they had a race. Mary's brother won the race, and she was happy for him. After a long, fun day of sledding, Mary and her family went home and had hot chocolate.
1.Where did Mary and her family go? a.Skiing b.Sledding / 2.What did they each bring? a.Their own sled b.Their own skis / 3.What did they do when...
SOCCER GAME. We have a soccer game this morning. We are playing against a team from another school. I get to play striker. I like scoring goals. At half-time no one has scored yet. We get to each orange slices during the break. In the second half I score a goal. We win the match.
1.What is happening this morning? a.A soccer game b.A baseball game / 2.What position does the writer get to play? a.Defence b.Striker / 3.Does the...
MAKING PIZZA. We are making a pizza. First we make the dough with flour and eggs. We flatten the dough into a round shape. Then we put tomato sauce and cheese on top. The pizza goes into the oven. In a few minutes,it is ready to eat.
1.What do you use to make pizza dough? a.Flour and eggs b.Rice and water // 2.What do we put on top of the pizza? a.Milk and butter b.Tomato sauce...
Leggi il seguente semplice testo su Martin e indica se le frasi al fondo sono vere (T), false (F) o non date (NG).
Martin is my cousin. He is tall and slim. Martin loves animals: he has got a cat, a turtle and a horse. He can also take great photos: he has got a...
Leggi il seguente semplice testo su Kevin and Lisa e indica se le frasi al fondo sono vere (T), false (F) o non date (NG).
It is a warm and sunny, spring day. Kevin and Lisa go for a walk in the park. They wear a hoodie, trousers and trainers. In the park they play...
Completa la storia utilizzando gli aggettivi e gli avverbi dati(01):
Andy's ___________ cat, Lola, had kittens. They were_______ little...
Completa la storia utilizzando gli aggettivi e gli avverbi dati(02):
The ___________ mouse was ___________ trying to get a...
Completa la storia utilizzando gli aggettivi e gli avverbi dati(03):
It was a __________ summer night and the boy scouts...
A VISIT TO THE WATER PARK. There is a new water park in town. We go there on the first day of summer. It has pools and water slides. There are sprinklers too. The slides are scary at first. After the first ride, we love the water slides. The sprinklers are cool on hot days. One of the pools makes its own waves. All the kids try to surf the waves. It is really fun. The water park can be very crowded. There are many kids and adults, but they do not allow pets. We really like the ice cream at the snack bar. They also sell pop and donuts. We all love the new water park.
1.What is new in town? / 2.What is scary at first? / 3.What is cool on a hot day? / 4.What do they love at the snack bar?
THE NEW BICYCLE. Emma has a new bicycle. It is bright pink and shiny. It was a gift from her uncle. He hid it behind a bush to surprise her. When Emma looked behind the bush and saw the bicycle, she jumped for joy. It was just what she wanted. She gave her uncle a big hug. She loves her new bicycle, and she loves her uncle
1.What color is the bicycle? / 2.Who was it a gift from? / 3.Where was it hidden? / 4.What did Emma do when she saw the bicycle?
AT THE ZOO. First I saw the white bear, then I saw the black; Then I saw the camel with a hump upon his back; Then I saw the grey wolf, with mutton in his maw; Then I saw the wombat waddle in the straw; Then I saw the elephant a-waving of his trunk; Then I saw the monkeys—mercy, how unpleasantly they smelt!
1.What colors were the two bears? / 2.What did the camel have upon his back? / 3.What did the wombat do in the straw? / 4.Which is the last animal...
A COLD BEAR. Brrrr! It is getting cold. Bear needs to get ready for winter. First, he eats a lot. Next, he finds a den. Then, he fills the den with leaves, so he will stay warm. Last, he eats even more! Is Bear ready for winter? Yes, he is. Winter is here!
1.Who is the character? / 2.What does Bear need to do? / 3.How does Bear get ready for winter? / 4.What do you think a den is? How could you find out?
THE THUNDERSTORM. The kids were outside playing catch. They heard a rumble in the sky. They didn't want to stop playing, but they knew it wasn't safe to be out in a storm. Also, they did not want to get wet. They decided to go inside and play a board game. They loved listening to the thunder as they played their game. The kids went outside again after the storm had passed. They saw a rainbow!
1.What were the kids playing outside? / 2.What did they hear? / 3.Where did they go? / 4.What did they play inside?
APPLES. Do you like apples? Apples can be red, yellow, or green. Each color tastes different. They are fruit. You can make apples into treats. Apples grow on trees. They finish growing in the fall. Then you can pick them to eat. When you pick an apple, you twist it and then pull it off the tree. There are five parts of an apple. The outside is the skin. The inside is the flesh. There are seeds inside of the apple. The stem is on top. Some apples have leaves by the stem. What else do you know about apples?
When do apples finish growing? / What is this passage about? / How many parts does an apple have? / What is something you wonder about apples after...
DESSERT TIME! Yum! It is time for dessert. First, Tim gets a cookie. Next, Jan gets some cake. Then, Ben gets a donut. Last, Deb gets some pie. Oh no! There is none left for Sam. What will he do? First, Tim shares his cookie. Next, Jan shares her cake. Then, Ben shares his donut. Last, Deb shares her pie. Yum! Sam and his friends are happy. It is time for dessert!
Who are the characters? / What is the problem? / How do the kids solve the problem? / How do the kids feel at the end of the story? / What is your...
HOW TO TIE YOUR SHOES. First, make an "X" with the laces. Take the bottom lace and put it in the space between the shoe and the middle of the "X." Pull the ends of both laces tight. Next, make a loop with each lace. Make an "X" with both loops. Take the bottom loop and put it in the space between the shoe and the middle of the "X." Pull both loops tight. Last, do the steps again with the laces on your other shoe. Pat yourself on the back. You tied your shoes! It will take you a few times to get it right. Keep on practicing!
1.What materials do you need to tie your shoes? / 2.What do you do first? / 3.Why did the author put in pictures instead of just using words? /...
MULE'S THOUGHTS. A silly little mule. Sat on a milking stool. And tried to write a letter to his father. But he couldn't find the ink, So he said: "I rather think This writing letters home is too much bother."
1.Where did the mule sit? / 2.What was he trying to write? / 3.What couldn’t he find? / 4.What did he think about writing letters home?
MAKING COOKIES. Greg likes to help his mom make cookies. Chocolate chip cookies are his favorite. His mom likes them too. He adds the chocolate chips to the batter. Then he stirs them in. He forms the batter into balls and places them on a baking sheet. His mom places the baking sheet into the oven. When the cookies are in the oven, Greg licks the last bits of batter from the bowl. He can hardly wait for the cookies to be ready. In 30 minutes the cookies are finished baking. The cookies are hot and yummy.
1.What kind of cookies are Greg’s favorite? / 2.What does he do when the chocolate chips are in the batter? / 3.Where does he place the balls of...
ALL ABOUT BEARS. There are many kinds of bears. Some bears live in warm places, like sun bears. Some bears live in cold places, like polar bears. Bears are different colors, too. They can be white, brown, or black. Some bears eat plants. Some bears eat animals. Bears have long snouts, or noses. They have claws and fur, too. Baby bears are called cubs. When it gets cold, bears sleep in dens for the winter. Dens can be in trees or caves. When they are sleeping all winter, it is called hibernating. Bears do not eat when they are hibernating.
1.Do all bears live in warm places? / 2.How are sun bears and polar bears different? / 3.What does hibernating mean? Highlight the words that helped...
THE BOAT PARADE. The boats are floating along the lakeshore. It is the summer boat parade. There are motorboats, rowboats and sailboats. Jessica's favorite is the yellow motor boat with the flag. The rowboat decorated with flowers is Lisa's favorite. Tony likes the purple sailboat. The boats float by one at a time. The people on the boats waive at the crowds. The crowds cheer the boats. The boat parade is so much fun to watch. It is the best part of the summer.
1.Where are the boats floating? / 2.What kind of boats are there? / 3.What is Lisa’s favorite boat? / 4.What is the best part of summer?
PEANUTS AND POPCORN. John is going to a baseball game with his aunt. He can't wait to get there. It is the first game of the season. The stadium is almost full. He loves to watch baseball, but his favorite part of going to games is eating the snacks. There are many different snacks at baseball games. A man in a red hat walks up and down the aisles selling peanuts and popcorn. Guess which is John's favorite. John likes them both. He especially likes mixing peanuts and popcorn together. If he is really hungry he will have a hot dog.
1.Where is John going? / 2.Who is he going with? / 3.Who sells the peanuts and popcorn? / 4.What does John do with the peanuts and popcorn?
SHOVELING SNOW. I want a new toy. Mom says toys cost money. How can I get money? I look outside. There is a lot of snow! Mom says I can earn money if I shovel our driveway. I do. It is fun! I do not have enough money for my new toy. I look around. Mrs. Jen has a shovel. Can I shovel her driveway? She says yes! I almost have enough money for my new toy. Mr. Tom has a shovel. Can I shovel his driveway? He says yes! I can get my new toy!
1.Who are the characters? / 2.Where is the setting? / 3.What is the problem? / 4.How does he solve the problem? / 5.What other jobs could he do to...
SUN, STARS AND MOON. In the sky, you can see the sun, stars, and the moon. The sun is up during the day. It is very hot. The sun gives us light and heat. Plants need the sun to grow. We can see the stars at night. They give off light and heat, like the sun. That is because the sun is a star, too! There are more stars than we can count. Some people see shapes in the stars. A group of stars that make a shape is called a constellation. Have you ever seen the Big Dipper? That is a constellation! The moon is out at night. Sometimes we can still see it during the day! It does not give off light and...
What is this short story about? / How are the sun and the stars the same? / What is a constellation / How is the moon different than the sun and the...
HOMEWORK OR VIDEO GAMES. Brad loves to play video games. His favorites are Disney games. Brad got home from school one day, and his mom asked him if he had homework. He did, but he thought about saying no because he wanted to play his games. Then he changed his mind. He knew that if he lied, he would lose his games for a week. He did his homework first and still had time to play two games before dinner. He knows it is best to be honest.
1.What are Brad’s favorite video games? / 2.Did Brad have homework? / 3.What would happen if he lied? / 4.How many games did he play before dinner?
WE ARE IMPORTANT. Doctors are important. They keep us healthy. Police officers are important. They keep us safe. Firefighters are important. They help people. Teachers are important. They help us learn. Scientists are important. They learn new things to help us. Bus drivers are important. They get us places safely. Cashiers are important. They let us buy food and clothes. Families are important. They take care of us. We all are important
Why are firefighters important? / Is there anyone who is not important? / Why are families important? / Who else is important that is not on this...
THE SUN HAS SET. The sun has set, and the pond is still. John, Ned, Ben, Tom and Nell stand on the bank and look at the duck. The dog with a black spot on his back is with Tom. See! Tom has his hat in his hand. He has left his toy car on the box. Kitty's doll is on the rock. Nell has put her pet in the cage. It will sing a sweet song. The duck has her nest under the rock. It is not hot now. Let us run and skip on the bank. Do you not think it is fun? Circle the best answer for each question.
1.What do John, Ned, Ben, Tom, and Nell look at from the bank? a.a frog b.a cat c.a bird d.a duck / 2.What color spot does the dog have? a.Black...
MY LITTLE KITTY. This is my little kitty. How soft and white its fur is! Isn't it pretty? The cat is on the box. She saw a big rat and ran to catch it. The kitty was too slow to catch the rat.
1.What color is the kitty? / 2.What is the cat sitting on? / 3.What did the cat see? / 4.Did the kitty catch the rat?
TIME FOR EVERYTHING. There's a time to run and a time to walk. There's a time for silence and a time for talk. There's a time for work and a time for play. There’s a time for sleep at the end of the day. There's a time for everything you do, For children and for grown-ups too. A time to stand up and a time to sit, But see that the time and actions fit.
1.Which word is the opposite of "a time for talk?" / 2.When is it time for sleep? / 3.Who has a time for everything they do? / 4.What should time and...
SEVEN LITTLE MICE. Little Mouse Sunday found a great, big bun. Little Mouse Monday wished that he had one. Little Mouse Tuesday was fat enough without. Little Mouse Wednesday sat down to sulk and pout. Said Little Mouse Thursday, "I'll get one for myself!" Said Little Mouse Friday, "There’s another on the shelf." Little Mouse Saturday began to beg and squeak. "Come on!" said all the seven, "we’ve enough to last a week!"
1.What did the mouse find on Sunday? / 2.Which mouse sits down to sulk and be upset? / 3.What does Little Mouse Saturday do? / 4.How long will be...
ONE OF AESOP'S FABLES. An old cat wanted to catch all the mice in the barn. One day,the mice met to talk about the great harm that cat was doing to them. Each mouse tried to think of a plan by which to keep out of the cat’s way. "Do as I say,"said an old gray mouse that was thought to be very wise. "Do as I say. Hang a bell on the cat's neck. Then, when we hear it ring, we will know that she is coming and can scamper out of her way." "Good! good!" said all the other mice as one ran to get the bell. "Now which of you will hang this bell on the cat's neck?" said the old gray mouse. "Not I!...
1.What did the old cat want to do to the mice? / 2.Where do the mice live? / 3.What was the old gray mouse’s plan to stop the cat? / 4.Who wants to...
SUSY BROWN. Susy Brown is a good girl. Some of her friends were going to the woods to pick berries, and Susy wanted to go with them. However, when Susy came home from school, she found her mother tired and worn out from her work. Susy took the baby and said she would stay at home and let her mother rest. When the girls came home with their berries, they all gave Susy some. Everybody loves Susy.
Is Susy Brown a good girl or a bad girl? / What are her friends doing? / Why does Susy help her mother? / How were the friends nice to Susy?
HERE COMES THE BAND. Here comes the band! Should we call Mommy and Fanny to see it? Let us stand still and hear the men play as they pass. I hope they will stop here and play for us. See the large man in front of the band with his big hat? What's he holding in his hand? How fine he looks! Look at the man on that fine horse too. If the men do not stop, let us follow them and see where they go.
1.Who will they call to see the band? / 2.What is the man in front wearing? / 3.What is the other man riding? / 4.What will we do if the band does...
HERE PLUTO. "Here Pluto!" Kate called to her dog. "Come, and get the dolls out of the pond."The dolls were named Rose and Bess. They were floating on the top of the water. Pluto came with a bound and jumped into the pond. He swam around and got Bess in his mouth and brought her to the shore. Pluto then found Rose and brought her out too. Kate said, "Good, old Pluto! Brave old dog!
1.Who is Kate's dog? / 2.What are the names of Kate's two dolls? / 3.Did the dolls float or sink? / 4.How did Ponto rescue the dolls?
THE BEE. "Come here, Lucy, and listen! What is in this flower?""Oh Mother! It is a bee. I wonder how it got caught inside the flower?""It went into the flower for some honey, and maybe it went to sleep. Then the flower closed it in.""The bee likes honey as we do, but it does not like to be closed in the flower.""Shall we let it out, Lucy?""Yes, then it can go to other flowers and get honey."
1.What is trapped in the flower? / 2.Why was it in the flower? / 3.What do Lucy and her mother think about honey? / 4.What will it do once it is let...
NED AND THE APPLES. Here, Ned, catch this apple in your hand. No, I will catch it in my hat. Now I have it. What a big apple it is! Let us take it to Mom. Yes! She likes it. I will get her some more. We will take them to her in my hat. Here is a very big apple! We will give her this one too.
1.How will Ned catch the apple? / 2.What is the apple like? / 3.Who did the boys give the apple to? / 4.In what do the boys carry the apples?
MY PETS. I have a dog, a cat and a hamster. I love them all. My dog's name is Snoopy; my cat's name is Whiskers, and my hamster's nameis Nibbles. Snoopy is playful, and he likes bones. Whiskers sleeps in my bed. Nibbles loves running in his wheel. They are all soft and furry.
1.How many pets are there? / 2.What is the hamster's name? / 3.Who sleeps in the bed? / 4.What does Snoopy like? / 5.Which pets are soft and...
THE OCEAN. The ocean has bright blue water filled with waves. Many types of fish live in the ocean. Seagulls love flying over the ocean to look for fish. There is soft sand along the shore, and there are pretty seashells in the sand. The ocean is a great place to visit.
1.What color is the water? / 2.What livesin the ocean? / 3.What is in the sand? / 4.Where is the soft sand? / 5.Why do seagulls fly over the...
MY FRIENDS. I have some very good friends. I ride the bus with my friends Tony and Brian. They live on my street. At school, Tony, Brian and I play with Lisa and Emma on the playground. We all eat lunch together too. I also have friends from my soccer team named Hunter and Jake. Sometimes I get to see my cousins Abby and Kevin. They are my friends too. I like all of my friends.
1.Which friends ride the bus? / 2.Which friends play soccer? / 3.Who plays with Tony and Brian on the playground? / 4.Who are the cousins? / 5.Who...
THE BOOKSHELF. The bookshelf in my house holds many books and some pictures and candles. It is a tall bookshelf. There are large booksand small book. There are also books for kids and books for adults. There is a picture of my mom and dad and a picture of my family. There are two blue candles and a yellow candle. I'm glad the books I like are on the lowest shelf.
1.Is the bookshelf short or tall? / 2.What is on the bookshelf? / 3.How many pictures are on the bookshelf? / 4.What colors are the candles? /...
THE CLASSROOM. My teacher is Mrs. Brown. We have ten desks for ten students. On the wall is our art work. We have cut out and painted turkeys for Thanksgiving. During recess we play on the monkey bars. In the afternoon,Mrs. Brown reads a story. Then it is time to go home.
1.What is the teacher's name? / 2.Howmany students are there? / 3.What is hanging on the wall? / 4.What do they do during recess? / 5.What does...
PLAYGROUND. We are going to the playground. First, I swing on the swings. Then I take two turns at the slide. We climb on the new climbing wall. My friends and I play hide and seek. We build a sand castle in the sandbox. I drink water from the water fountain. Time to go home.
1.Where are they going? / 2.What does the writer take two turns at? / 3.What do they climb? / 4.What do the friends play together? / 5.What do...
Osserva le immagini ed abbina ognuna al progetto umanitario corretto.
1. helping to save endangered species. 2. helping to clean up polluted natural areas. 3. providing children in poor countries with an educaton. 4....
Leggi il seguente semplice testo su Leo e rispondi alle domande.
My name’s Leo. I’m 10 and I’m a student at the St. Andrew’s Primary School in Glasgow. Mum is a doctor, she works at the Glasgow Central...
Leggi il seguente semplice testo scritto da Simona e indica se le frasi al fondo sono vere (T), false (F) o non date (NG).
Hi Sandy, we’re having a fantastic holiday! We’re in Barcelona, a very beautiful city in Spain. At the moment we’re eating “paella” in a...
Leggi il seguente semplice testo su Julia e indica se le frasi al fondo sono vere (T), false (F) o non date (NG).
Hello everybody! I’m Julia Sleep. I’m twelve years old and I live in Chicago, in the USA. I go to the Junior High School, from Monday to Friday....
Leggi il seguente brano sulle fonti energetiche, abbina ad ogni immagine il nome corretto e suddividile in rinnovabili e non rinnovabili.
Energy is the ability to do work. We use energy every day in many different ways. Energy is essential for our lives. The gas we use to make a cup of...
Completa la storia utilizzando AND, BUT oppure SO(01):
It was Mark’s birthday __and__ his dad came home with a special gift. Mark was excited to know what was in it, __________ he quickly opened the...
Completa la storia utilizzando AND, BUT oppure SO(02):
Today was the day! Mary’s family were going on a picnic. Mother prepared sandwiches __and__ drinks that father placed in a basket. Everyone was...
Completa la storia utilizzando AND, BUT oppure SO(03):
We were visiting my grandma when she told my dad that her rocking chair was broken. Dad looked at it __but__ could not fix it there, __________ we...
Completa la storia utilizzando gli avverbi dati(01):
On a peaceful Sunday afternoon, Noah’s family headed for the...
Completa la storia utilizzando gli avverbi dati(02):
It was the last game of the season and the players were...
Completa la storia utilizzando gli avverbi dati(03):
Loretta was sitting _quietly_ on the bench, waiting for her piano...
Completa le seguenti frasi nel modo corretto, utilizzando le parole proposte(01):
Could you please __________ the table? I'd like a __________ of...
Completa le seguenti frasi nel modo corretto, utilizzando le parole proposte(02):
I laughed so much my _____ hurts. I took the ______...
Completa le seguenti frasi nel modo corretto, utilizzando le parole proposte(03):
Please _____ the flowers gently. He was sitting on a ______...
Indica se le seguenti parole esprimono il presente, il futuro o il passato.
1. Right now ///2. Next week ///3. Last month ///4. Yesterday ///5. This week ///6. The day after tomorrow ///7. At this moment ///8. Three months...
Quiz: utilizza la prima lettera e le definizioni fornite per scrivere la parola a cui si riferisce ogni frase.
1. Bird that can't fly, black and white, lives in the South Pole. (P) // 2. Place you go when you are sick or hurt in an accident. (H) // 3....
Che cibo sono? Leggi le domande e rispondi con il nome del cibo richiesto(01):
1. You need me to make a sandwich or toast. / 2. I’m yellow and people like me on their pizza. / 3. We are a small round red fruit. We grow on...
Che cibo sono? Leggi le domande e rispondi con il nome del cibo richiesto(02):
10. I’m a black hot drink. / 11. I’m a delicious fried, grilled or roasted meat. / 12. Rabbits just love this vegetable. / 13. I’m a long...
KITTEN'S CHOICE. Kitten plays with her new toy. She loves her new toy. Her brother likes her new toy, too. When Kitten isn't playing with it, her brother takes it to play. Kitten is having fun. Then, she sees a mouse! She wants to chase the mouse. If she chases the mouse, her brother will take her toy. Kitten thinks. She can only choose one thing to play with. If she picks the mouse, her toy will go away with her brother. If she picks the toy, the mouse will run away. Which one should Kitten pick? Kitten runs after the mouse. She does not see a lot of mice, so that is more fun. She does not...
Who are the characters? / What is the problem? / How does she solve the problem? / Why does Kitten pick the mouse? Highlight the sentence that told...
MONSTER LEARNS RULES. One day, a monster came to our classroom. He didn't know any of the rules! We had to show him how to sit on the carpet. We had to show him how to use a quiet voice. We had to show him how to use supplies. We went to P.E. class. Monster tried to sit on the carpet. No, Monster! We don't have to sit on a carpet in the gym! Monster tried to use a quiet voice. No, Monster! We don't have to be quiet in the gym. Monster didn't know what to do with the supplies. We showed him how to throw a ball. We went to the lunchroom. Monster sat at a table. Good job, Monster! Monster used a...
Who is the main character? / Where is the monster sitting? / What is the problem? / How do they solve the problem? / What rules would you teach...
SUMMER NIGHTS. It is nighttime in the summer. Luke, Jake and Connor look up at the sky. Jake sees the Milky Way. Luke points to the moon. It is a half moon. Connor looks at all of the bright stars. After they study the sky, they collect fireflies in a jar. They hear an owl hoot loudly from a nearby tree. The boys love being outside on summer nights. They sleep in a tent so they can stay out all night. When they are ready to go bed, they climb into the tent and use the fireflies as a nightlight. They let the fireflies go in the morning so they can catch them again the next time they sleep...
1.What do Luke, Jake and Connor look at? a.The night b.The sky c. a bird d. The sun / 2.What does Luke point to in the sky? a.The clouds b.The stars...
THE PUPPY AND THE KITTEN. My family just adopted a puppy and a kitten from the animal shelter. They were so young, they did not even have names yet. We had to think of good names for them. The puppy likes to jump up. The kitten likes to curl up in our laps. "What do you want to name them?" asked Mom. My sister said, "Pounce for the puppy and Cuddles for the kitten." We all thought those names were perfect.
1.What animals did they adopt? / 2.What does the kitten like to do? / 3.What is the puppy’s name going to be? / 4.Who thought the names were...
ALIEN MONEY. Zander was hard at work growing food for himself and his neighbors. The food was floating, and as he walked by he looked at each plant, pointed his laser at it, and the laser gave the plant what it needed. That was the easy part. The hard part was how much walking he had to do! He heard a knock at his door. It was his neighbor Jules. She was holding some cleaning products. "Hi, Zander. I just finished making some cleaning products. Do you need any?" she asked. "Hi, Jules. I do. Can I get some cleaning spray? I can give you 4 breakfast plants for a bottle." Jules said, "I have...
1.Who are the characters in the story? / 2.What happens in the middle of the story? / 3.Why might Jules not want to leave her cleaning spray before...
BE GOING TO si usa per parlare di previsioni future basate su prove attuali. Leggi queste frasi e indica se "going to" viene utilizzato in questo modo(Present Evidence) o meno(No Present Evidence).
1. Hannah's not paying any attention to what she's doing. She's going to knock your laptop onto the floor. --- 2. Clara told me she's going to spend...
CARDBOARD TOWN. Fine, I'll just do it all myself! I thought as I stomped away. My friends and I were trying to make the best cardboard town to play in. We had boxes that we were turning into stores and playgrounds and all sorts of other fun things! We weren't getting along very well, though. I could hear them talking as I was walking away. "Wow, I didn't think he'd get so mad," Katie said. "This was supposed to be fun," said Max. "Johnny can't do it all by himself. Maybe if we give him some space he'll want us to help again." Yeah, right. Since it was my idea, I would just do it without ...
1.Who are the characters in the story? // 2.What happens in the middle of the story? // 3.Why do you think Johnny got mad at the beginning of the...
PLAYING CATCH. Kate and her brother Jake like to play catch. They play with softballs, footballs and tennis balls. They toss the balls back and forth in the yard all the time. Sometimes they go to the park to have more space for throwing the balls farther. When it is raining out, they play catch in the basement. They use a tennis ball because it bounces off of the basement walls. Jake is going to soccer camp for a week this summer. Kate is sad because she won't have anyone to play catch with while he is gone. The week before Jake leaves, they go to the park together. There is a girl tossing...
1.What do Kate and Jake play catch with? frisbees balls sticks beanbags // 2.What type do they use to play catch on rainy days? pillows soccer balls...
GOING TO THE MOVIES. My class is going to the movies on a field trip next week. We have to get permission slips signed before we go. We also need to ask our parents if they will drive to the movie theater. We are going to see a movie that tells the story from a book we read. We love it when movies are made from books. It is fun to compare the movie to the book. I usually like the book better. We get to the movie early so we can buy popcorn. Some of us buy candy and slushes too. We all enjoy watching the movie. When we return to school, we talk about things that were in the movie and the...
1.What do the students need to do before going to the movie? // 2.What is fun to compare? // 3.What do the students like better, the movie or the...
DAVE AND GRANT LOVE KAYAKING. Dave and his friend Grant love to go kayaking in the summer. They each have their own kayak. Dave's kayak is yellow, and Grant's kayak is red. Whenever it is not raining, they kayak on the small lake in town. They look for fish, turtles and muskrats when they are kayaking. They also like to see ducks and loons. Sometimes they bring fishing poles with them so they can try to catch fish. Sometimes they just paddle around. They have the most fun when they race each other in their kayaks. They always pack a lunch. They have a favorite spot on the lake to stop...
1.What color is Grant's kayak? // 2.What do Dave and Grant look for when they are kayaking? // 3.When do they have the most fun? // 4.What do Dave...
CHANGES. Did you know that heating and cooling can change objects? Some changes can be reversed, which means the object can go back to the way it was before it was heated up or cooled down. Other changes cannot be reversed, which means the object cannot go back to how it was before it was heated up or cooled down. Water can go through reversible changes when it is heated or cooled. When water is heated up, it will start to boil, and then turn into water vapor. If you collect the water vapor and cool it down, it will turn back into water. When water is cooled down a lot, it will turn into...
1.What does it mean if a change can be reversed? Color the sentence that told you. // 2.Are there changes that cannot be reversed? Give an example....
THE CLEAN PARK. Tyler asked his mom if he could ride his bike to the park. "As long as you wear your helmet when you are riding," she said. When Tyler got to the park it was filled with people holding garbage bags. A lot of his friends were there and so were some of his teachers. His friend Bella said, "Everyone is pitching in and cleaning the park today." She asked Tyler if he would help. Tyler said, "Sure," and asked for a garbage bag. There was garbage everywhere. Tyler picked up candy wrappers, juice pouches, newspapers and apple cores. It was really gross. After an hour, he had filled...
1.What were people holding when Tyler got to the park? // 2.What were Tyler's friends and teachers doing at the park? // 3.Where was Tyler's teacher...
DON'T GIVE UP. If you've tried and have not won, Never stop for crying; All that's great and good is done Just by patient trying. Though young birds, in flying, fall, Still their wings grow stronger; And the next time they can keep Up a little longer. Though the sturdy oak has known Many a blast that bowed her, She has risen again, and grown Loftier and prouder. If by easy work you beat, Who the more will prize you? Gaining victory from defeat
1.What is 'done by patient trying'? // 2.What happens to young birds when they fly? // 3.What does the sturdy oak do after being bowed? // 4.What is...
THE CAMPING TRIP. Lily and her brother Ryan went camping with their mom and dad. Ryan and Dad set up the tent while Lily and Mom collected sticks to start a bonfire. Once the tent was set up, they started a fire in the bonfire pit. Lily and Ryan looked for long pointy sticks to use for cooking hot dogs over the fire while the fire was heating up. They found four perfect sticks, one for each of them. Lily and Ryan, and their mom and dad, each placed two hot dogs on their sticks. They held the hot dogs over the fire and turned the sticks slowly so every side of each hot dog was cooked. Then...
1.What did Lily and Mom do while Ryan and Dad set up the tent? // 2.What did they all cook over the bon fire to eat for dinner? // 3.What did Lily...
FIRE ALARM. Beep! Beep! Beep! Do you know what to do if the fire alarm goes off in the middle of the night? First, crawl to your bedroom door. Crawling is safer, since smoke rises. Feel the door with the back of your hand. If it feels cold, open the door. Look around. Find the closest door to outside, and crawl outside. Go to the meeting place your family picked, and wait for them to meet you. What happens if the door feels hot? Do not open the door! Crawl to get a blanket, then crawl to your bedroom window. Open the window and let most of the blanket hang outside. Close the window to...
1.What is the main topic of the 4th paragraph? // 2.Where should you stay if the door of your bedroom feels hot? // 3.Why should you hang a blanket...
GIVING. Shari was so excited for her birthday. She thought about the fun party she was going to have and the presents she would get. But, her mom told her that she had to make room for new toys by choosing some old toys to give away. Shari was not happy. She loved all of her toys! Her mom sat down with her in front of her toy chest. They looked through the toys one at a time. Most of the toys Shari wanted to keep. Her mom put them in the "keep" pile. When they got about halfway through the toy box, Shari saw one stuffed animal that she had forgotten about. "Oh, look at how cute he is! Keep...
1.Who are the characters in the story? // 2.What happens in the middle of the story? // 3.What changes about Shari during the story? // 4.Where did...
GUITAR OR BALLET. Emma loves to listen to her brother Jake play his guitar. He is 15 years old and has been playing since he was 5 years old. He practices every day, and he is really good. He plays country music and rock and roll. Emma likes the country songs best. She really likes watching Jake strum the chords and hearing the country sounds that he creates. Emma wants to take lessons so she can play as well as Jake does. "Mom, can I take guitar lessons?" Emma asks. Her mom replies, "It takes a lot of hard work to play the songs that Jake plays; are you sure you have enough time to put into...
1.How long has Jake been playing the guitar? // 2.What type of music does Emma like best? // 3.What does Emma ask her mom? // 4.What activities is...
GOING TO THE LIBRARY. The library is a great place to visit for help with school work, and for fun. You can go to your library, and there will always be someone there to help you find what you want. That someone is a librarian. You can ask your librarian to help you find books about any subject that interests you. Libraries have books about everything from airplanes to zebras. If you like to read fiction, your librarian can suggest adventure books, fantasy books and much more. If you are having a hard time finding an answer to a question, ask your librarian to help you find the answer....
1.Who helps you find what you want at a library? // 2.What types of fictional books do libraries have? // 3.Where will your librarian help you...
HOW TO DRAW A SHARK. Are you interested in sharks? Let's learn how to draw one! You need a blank piece of paper, a pencil, and an eraser. Even the best artists make mistakes, so use the eraser whenever you make a mistake or want to fix a part of your drawing. First, start on the left side of the paper, towards the middle. Draw a sideways "V" pointing towards the left side of the paper. In the middle of the sideways "V" draw a dot for an eye. Draw a line above the eye if you want your shark to look mean. Next, draw a smaller sideways "V" under the first one. That will be the bottom jaw. Draw...
1.What is the main topic of the 2nd paragraph? // 2.What does the word jaw mean in the 3rd paragraph? How do you know? // 3.Why do you need an eraser...
PEN PALS. We are learning how to write friendly letters at school. I don't mind writing practice letters, but it would be more fun to write a real letter to someone Just as I was thinking about it, our teacher, Mrs. Snow said that we really are going to write a letter to someone! We all started talking at once. Mrs. Snow asked us to quiet down again so that she could finish. She said we are going to write to second graders in England to see what life is like in England. That sounds so cool! I couldn't wait to get started. Mrs. Snow handed out the names of our pen pals, and asked us to use...
1.Who are the characters in the story? // 2.What were the two questions the students had to include in their letters? // 3.Why do you think it is...
PLAYGROUND. Molly and her friend Bella were playing at the playground. They were supposed to be taking turns on the swing. Molly counted to 100 while Bella was on the swing. Bella didn't get off the swing."Bella! I counted to 100, it's my turn!" said Molly. "You counted too fast, it's still my turn," Bella said. Molly was upset. She wanted a turn on the swing, too! What could she do? Molly could tell the teacher, but her teacher always wanted them to try to solve the problem first. What could she try? She decided to try using an "I message". That means to tell the other person how you're...
1.Who are the characters in the story? // 2.What is the problem? // 3.Where does the story take place? // 4.How does Molly solve the problem? //...
SHARKS. What has fins, sharp teeth, and swims in the ocean? A shark! Sharks have been around for a very long time. Sharks have lived in the oceans even before dinosaurs roamed the earth! Sharks are fish, and there are over 400 types of sharks. When they have babies, the babies are called pups. Sharks lose their teeth, like humans, but they don't just lose their baby teeth. They lose teeth throughout their lives. When a shark loses a tooth, a tooth from another row of teeth will move into its place. New teeth are always growing. Most sharks are carnivores, so they feed on ot her animals, like...
1.What is the main topic of the 3rd paragraph? // 2.What does the word carnivore mean? How do you know? // 3.Why are people dangerous to sharks? //...
SPRINGTIME TADPOLES. Every spring Max and his brother Will go to the pond at the end of their street to look for tadpoles. They love to catch them so they can watch them turn into frogs. This spring when Max and Will go to the pond to catch tadpoles, they see a painted turtle sitting on a log enjoying the sun. "Look at the cool turtle," says Will. "Should we try to catch it?" Max asks. Will responds, "I like catching tadpoles better." Max agrees with Will. They fill their bucket with tadpoles and head home. When they get there, they empty the bucket into a big, wide tub. They cover the...
1.Why do Max and Will love to catch tadpoles? // 2.What do they see sitting on a log? // 3.Where do they keep the tub of tadpoles? // 4.What do they...
GRANDPA'S COOKING. Ella loves her grandpa. He lives in Texas and comes to visit once a month. She wishes he came to visit every week because he tells great stories and makes her favorite dinner. Ella asks her mom to make the barbeque chicken that Grandpa makes. Ella's mom says, "I will try, but no one make it as well as Grandpa does. Ella watches her mom prepare the sauce for the chicken. It looks tasty. When the chicken is finished cooking, Ella's family sits down to eat. Her mom was right; no one make the barbeque chicken as well as Grandpa. The next time her grandpa comes to visit, Ella...
1.Where does Ella's grandpa live? // 2.What is Ella's favorite dinner? // 3.What story did Ella tell her grandpa? // 4.What does Grandpa teach Ella...
RACE CARS. Zoom! Zoom! Zoom! The race cars were all practicing for the big race tomorrow. Around and around and around the track they went. They practiced weaving in and out of cones, going around the curves, and starting right when the green light went on. Blue Race car and Red Race car were best friends, so they practiced together all day. That night, they were in the garage resting up for the big race tomorrow. Red Race car couldn't sleep, though. "Blue Race car? Are you asleep?" Red Race car asked. "No. I'm feeling nervous for the race tomorrow. How are you feeling?" Blue Race car...
1.Who are the characters in the story? // 2.What is the problem? // 3.Where does the story take place? // 4.How do the race cars solve the problem?...
THE WASHING MACHINE BOX. Sarah's family's washing machine stopped working, so her dad ordered a new one. It was going to be delivered on Saturday. When Saturday came, Sarah and her friend Emily sat in the front yard waiting for the delivery. They were excited because they knew that they would get to play with the box. "Big boxes are so much fun," said Sarah. Emily agreed and said, "We can make the box into whatever we want." "Here comes the delivery truck," yelled Emily. As soon as the washing machine was out of the box, Sarah and Emily took out some crayons and colored all over it. They...
1.What did Sarah's dad order? // 2.What would Sarah and Emily get to do with the box? // 3.What colors did they use for the clubhouse? // 4.What is...
A BIG WHITE HEN. There was once a big, white hen that had twelve little chickens. They were very small, and the old hen took good care of them. She found food for them in the daytime and at night kept them under her wings. One day, the old hen took her chickens down to a small brook. She thought some fresh air and the water would do them good. When they got to the brook, they walked on the bank a little while. It was very pretty on the other side of the brook, and the old hen thought she would take her chickens over there. There was a large stone in the brook; she thought it would be easy for...
1.How many chickens does the hen have? // 2.What did the hen find in the brook? // 3.How should the chickens try to jump? // 4.Why don't the chickens...
TEN LITTLE COOKIES. Ten little cookies, brown and crisp and fine—Grandma gave Baby one; then there were nine.Nine little cookies on a china plate—Betty took a small one; then there were eight. Eight little cookies, nice and round and even—The butcher boy ate one; then there were seven. Seven little cookies, much liked by chicks—The old hen ate one, then there were six. Six little cookies, when grandma went to drive—Betty had another one; then there were five. Five little cookies, placed too near the door—The little doggie ate one; then there were four. Four little cookies, brown...
1.How many cookies were left after the butcher boy ate one? // 2.Who ate the cookie placed near the door? // 3.What kind of cookie did Grandpa eat?...
LITTLE BY LITTLE. When Charley awoke one morning, he looked from the window and saw the ground deeply covered with snow. On the side of the house nearest the kitchen, the snow was piled higher than Charley's head."We need a path through this snow," said his father. "I would make one if I had time, but I must be at the office early this morning. Do you think you could make the path, son?" he asked little Charley."Me? The snow is higher than my head! How could I ever make a path through that snow?" "How? By doing it little by little. How about you try?" requested his father as he left for his...
1.Why does father ask Charley to make the path? // 2.What does mother tell Charley to help him feel better? // 3.What does father give Charley for...
MOVING ON. Several years went by, and the father of the Boone family called them together. "Pack your things," he told them. "We are leaving here. Boones never stay long in one place. Besides, our farm land is worn out. We can buy rich land cheap to the Southwestof here. We will settle there."Sixteen-year-old Daniel was happy. "I'm glad we are going," he said. "I feel crowded here. There are too many houses and too many people."Father prepared for the journey. He took out the big wagon and hitched two horses to it. Mother packed clothes, quilts, dishes, pots, pans and kettles. She would fix...
1.How old was Daniel Boone when they moved? // 2.Why did the family need to move? // 3.Why didn't they always ride the horses? // 4.In which state...
THE COAT. "Do not go outside without your warm coat, Tom. It is very cold, and the snow lies thick on the ground. If you do, then you will catch cold, and you will be sick.""I feel quite warm. I don't need to wear a warm coat.""Yes, you do. In here we have a large fire. Outside there is no fire to keep you warm, and the cold wind blows. If you have no warm coat on, you will feel cold."However, Tom thought he knew best, so he went outside with no coat on. Tom caught a bad cold and cough. He was in bed quite sick. Jack, Will and Tom were supposed to play on the frozen pond the next day, but...
1.What was the weather like outside? // 2.Why doesn't Tom think he needs a coat? // 3.What happened when Tom went out without a coat? // 4.Why did...
IN SEARCH OF FLOWERS. A little girl went in search of flowers for her mother. It was early in the day, and the grass was wet. Sweet little birds were singing all around her. What do you think she found besides flowers? She found a nest with young birds in it.While she was looking at them, she heard the mother bird chirp as if to say, "Do not touch my children, little girl, for I love them dearly."The little girl thought how dearly her own mother loved her. So she left the birds. Then picking some flowers, she went home, and she told her mother what she had seen and heard.
1.What time of day is the girl looking for flowers? // 2.What does she find? // 3.What does the mother bird say to the girl? // 4.Why does the girl...
HERE IS A NEST. "Look, Ned, here is a nest! It is made from hay, and the old hen is in it." "Put your hand into the nest, Mary." "Oh no, the hen will not let me! The hen is protecting something.""Mary, I will hold onto her.""Well, Ned, if you can hold her, I will put my hand into the nest," said Mary as she moved her hand towards the nest. "Oh Ned, there are some little chicks under the hen!""Are there?" asked Ned. "Take her out of the nest so we can see them." Ned lifted the hen out of the nest. The children could see the chicks. There were six of them. "Oh, the dear little chicks! How...
1.What is the nest made of? // 2.How many chicks are in the nest? // 3.What will the children do for the little chicks? // 4.Why won't the hen let...
HIDE AND SEEK. "Come boys, what shall we do? Let's play hide and seek," suggested Fred."Oh yes! That will be fun for all of us. Who will shut his eyes? Fred, will you shut your eyes?" asked Roy. "Yes, I‘ll shut my eyes while you all go and hide," replied Fred. Then Fred stood by the tree and shut his eyes, and the other boys ran off to hide. Pretty soon Fred shouted, "Boys, are you all hidden? Well, here I go. One, two, three, here I come!" Fred started to look for the hidden boys. He spotted Andrew hiding in a box. "Ha! I found you, Andrew. You are in that box!" shouted Fred. Then Fred...
1.Who is the first person to close his eyes and seek? // 2.Where was Roy hiding? // 3.What is Frank wearing that others can see? // 4.How many boys...
PRETTY FISH. "Look, mom! See what a pretty fish! It is a little trout," said John to his mother. John's mother asked, "Where did you get it, John?" "Frank caught it in the brook. I went to the brook to splash in the water and I saw this little fish. Then I told Frank about the fish, and he ran to get his fishing rod. He put the rod into the water and caught the fish, and I put it into this bucket.""Well, what will you do with it?" asked John's mother."I will keep it, mom," replied John."But, my boy, it will not live in that bucket. You should put it back into the brook," replied his mother....
1.What kind of fish did John find? // 2.How did Frank catch the fish? // 3.Why can't the fish live in the pond? // 4.What do you think will happen...
THE BEE. Bees live in a house that is called a hive. There are three kinds of bees: workers, drones, and queens. Only one queen bee can live in each hive. If she is lost or dead, the other bees will stop their work. Bees are very wise and busy little creatures. They all join together to build cells of wax for their honey. Each bee takes its proper place and does its own work. Some go out and gather honey from the flowers; others stay at home and work inside the hive. The cells which they build are all of one shape and size, and no room is left between them. The cells are not round. They...
1.How many sides does a cell in the hive have? a.Three b.Four c.Six d.Seven // 2.What happens to the drones in the winter? a.They sleep. b.They find...
THE STORY OF WISE WOMAN. You may have read how Thomas Smith first farmed rice in South Carolina. After his death, a wise young woman lived in South Carolina. She showed the people how to farm another plant. Her name was Eliza Lucas. The father of Miss Lucas did not live in South Carolina. He was governor of one of the islands of the West Indies. Miss Lucas was fond of trying new things. She often got seeds from her father which she planted in South Carolina. Her father sent her some seeds of the indigo plant. She planted some of these in March, but a frost came. The indigo plant cannot...
1.Why did the indigo plants die the first time? // 2.How did Miss Lucas help the people of South Carolina? // 3.How would you describe Miss Lucas? //...
THE SHOEMAKER AND THE ELVES. A shoemaker and his wife lived in a little house on the edge of the woods. They were very, very poor, and each day they grew poorer and poorer. At last there was nothing left in the house but leather for one pair of shoes. "I will cut out this last pair of shoes,"the shoemaker said to his wife." Tomorrow I will sew them and peg them." So he cut out the leather and left it on his bench. The next morning he went into his shop to make the shoes. What did he see? A pair of shoes all nicely made and ready to be sold. The stitches were so neat, and the shoes so well...
1.Who helps the shoemaker make the nice shoes? // 2.What does the shoemaker buy with the money he makes selling shoes? // 3.Which word best describes...
THE SWIFT RUNNER. In the olden times, the animals were fond of sports. They often held contests with prizes for those that won. One time a prize was offered for the animal who could prove himself the swiftest runner. The reward was to be a pair of great antlers. Each animal was to carry the antlers on his head while running the race. The animal who won would receive the antlers. A path through the woods was chosen for the race course. There were many bushes and brambles along the way. All the animals gathered at the meeting place. They chose Black Bear to be judge of the race. It was...
1.What could slow the runners down on the path? // 2.Why is White Rabbit not allowed to run? // 3.Why do you think the other animals did not want to...
ANN AND FRANK. One day Ann and Frank went to the lake with their dog Rover. Rover can swim well, so Frank threw a stick into the water for him to fetch. "Jump, Rover! Jump in and get the stick," said Frank, and into the water Rover went with a big splash. Pretty soon he came out with the stick in his mouth. Rover did not like the game as much as Frank because the water was a little cold. They had fun for a while with Rover, and then set out for home because it was late in the day, and they could not stay long. On the way home, Rover saw a rabbit and away he went after it as fast as he...
1.What did Rover fetch in the water? // 2.Why couldn't Rover catch the rabbit? // 3.What might have happened if Ann and Frank stayed later? // 4.How...
FORTUNE AND THE POOR MAN. One day a ragged man was creeping along from house to house. He carried an old wallet in his hand and was asking at every door for a few cents to buy something to eat. As he was grumbling at his misfortune, he kept wondering why it was that folks who had so much money were never satisfied and were always wanting more. "Here," said he, "is the master of this house—I know him well. He is a good business man, and he made himself wondrously rich a long time ago. Had he been wise, he would have stopped then. He would have turned over his business to someone else, and...
1.Why did the master of the house lose all of his money? a.A robber stole it from him b.His ships sank at sea. c.His treasure turned to dust. d.He...
THE BLIND MEN AND THE ELEPHANT. Six blind men who stood by the roadside every day and asked for money from the people who passed. They had often heard of elephants, but they had never seen one. How could they? They were blind. It so happened one morning that an elephant was driven down the road where they stood. When they were told that the great beast was before them, they asked the driver to let him stop so that they might see him. Of course they could not see him with their eyes, but they thought that by touching him they could learn just what kind of animal he was. The first one...
1.Why were the blind men on the roadside? // 2.What does the elephant's ear feel like to one of the men? // 3.How do the blind men treat one another?...
THE EAGLE AND THE FOX. One morning the fox said to his children, "I will find some eggs for breakfast."Then he went to the woods. The fox saw an eagle's nest in the top branch of a tree. "How can I reach those eggs?" he thought. "Ha, ha! Now I have a plan."He put some grass stalks into his ears and knocked on the tree with them."Throw an egg to me,"cried the fox to the eagle in the nest. "If you do not throw an egg to me, I will knock this great tree over with these grass stalks."The eagle was terribly frightened, and she threw an egg down to the fox." Throw another egg down to me at...
1.Why did the eagle throw down eggs to the fox? // 2.How does the fox get off of the island? // 3.Which word best describes the fox? // 4.What do you...
NED AND ROVER AND JACK. A boy named Ned had a little puppy dog named Rover. One day, Ned's papa gave him a nice new toy wagon. Ned was pulling it around the yard when he saw Rover. "Come, Rover,"he said, "I will give you a fun ride." So he took Rover and put him in the wagon and gave him a ride. But just then Ned saw his friend Tom. Tom was running down the street. Ned called to him, but he did not hear. Ned wanted to show Tom his new wagon, so he ran after Tom as fast as he could go, calling for him: "Tom! Tom!"He did not think of poor little Rover he was pulling at great speed. Rover was...
1.Why did Ned call to Tom? // 2.Why didn't Rover stop when Jack asked him to? // 3.How are the two part of the story about Rover alike?
Osserva l'immagine, leggi il dialogo fra James e Lucy che si incontrano davanti a scuola ed esegui gli esercizi di comprensione al fondo:
JAMES: Have you got PE today? LUCY: No, I haven't. I've got a dance lesson after school. I dance in a group and we always have lessons on Thursdays....
Osserva l'immagine e abbina le seguenti domande alle situazioni raffigurate.
Leggi il seguente brano e indica se le affermazioni al termine sono vere o false.
British festivals celebrate historical events or they come from ancient customs or traditions. Some festivals are popular all over the UK, like...
Leggi il seguente brano sulla stanza di Letizia e indica se le affermazioni al termine sono vere, false o non è possibile rispondere.
Letizia's bedroom is a place where she is relaxed. In her room she has got her own space. Letizia's bedroom is tidy and clean. Her clothes are in...
Leggi il seguente brano sul Festival di Glastonbury e rispondi alle domande al termine.
Glastonbury is one of the largest music and performing arts festivals in the world. The festival takes place every June in a quiet village in...
Leggi il seguente brano sulla Gioconda e completa le frasi utilizzando i termini suggeriti al termine.
The Mona Lisa is the most famous painting in the world. Leonardo da Vinci in the early 16th century. In Italian, Monna Lisa...
Leggi il racconto di Amy e indica se le affermazioni al fondo sono vere (T), false (F) o not given (NG).
I did a lot of extreme sports when I was younger. My favourite hobby was bungee jumping. I travelled all over England to find the best places to jump...
Leggi il brano sul British Museum e scgli l'alternativa corretta per le parole in stampatello.
The British Museum is one of London's MOST/MORE visited attractions, and it was the first public museum IN/OF the world. The main gate is in Great...
Leggi il seguente brano sul problema dell'ACQUA ed inserisci in modo corretto nelle parentesi i numeri suggeriti.
Water is essential to life. We should drink at least ( ) litres of water a day. ( ) of the human body is made up of water. Two thirds of our planet...
Leggi il seguente brano sulle specialità gastronomiche inglesi e poi indica ogni immagine a quale piatto si riferisce.
WALES is a land of mountains and rivers. Traditional Welsh food is simple and delicious. Wales is famous for the variety and quality of its cheese...
Leggi il seguente brano sulla diffusione della lingua inglese e poi completa in modo corretto le affermazioni alla fine.
Everywhere around the world people speak or study English. There are 375 milion people who speak English as their first language. There are 400...
Leggi il seguente brano sulla vita di Charles Dickens e poi rispondi alle domande che trovi alla fine.
AN INTRODUCTION TO DICKENS: Dickens' novels describe the society of his time and in particular the enormous dfferences that existed between the lives...
Leggi il seguente brano sulla Unione Europea e poi rispondi alle domande che trovi alla fine.
The European Union (EU) is an economic and political partnership among European countries, 27 at the moment. It aims to create a fair society and...
Leggi il seguente brano sui nativi americani e poi collega i 4 titoli ai 4 paragrafi presenti in base all'argomento e scrivi che cosa rappresentano le 6 immagini.
ONE: The original inhabitants of America are known as the Native Americans, or American Indians, who lived on the Great Plains of the North American...
Leggi il seguente brano sul ciclo dell'acqua e poi completa le frasi in modo corretto aiutandoti con l'immagine.
Matter can change states by adding or subtracting heat. For example, if you heat ice (solid), it changes to water (liquid). This change is...
Leggi il seguente brano sulla piramide alimentare e poi completa le frasi in modo corretto aiutandoti con l'immagine ed inserendo: BALANCED, EAT, HEALTY, MIXTURE, NUTRIENTS, PHYSICAL.
If you want to stay...... it is important for you to eat well and do........ exercise. "Eat well" means having a......... diet. A diet is the food we...
Osserva l'immagine della piramide alimentare e indica, per ogni tipo di cibo in elenco, a quale FOOD GROUP appartengono, quali NUTRIENTS hanno e la FUNCTION di ognuno.
Esempio: apple and spinach, FOOD GROUP= fruit and vegetables, NUTRIENTS= vitamins, FUNCTION= they are necessary for growt and health. Cibi da...
Leggi il seguente brano sui tipici sport britannici ed indica ogni paragrafo a quale sport si riferisce.
1) It is England's nation sport. It is commonly played on a field on Saturday and Sunday afternoons from April to August. It is a team sport. There...
Leggi la storia e completa il brano coniugando i verbi proprosti fra parentesi al tempo corretto(01):
It was a beautiful day in Paris. Ian and Kelly had been walking all day, and now they were (to be) both very tired. They __________ (decide) to stop...
Leggi la storia e completa il brano coniugando i verbi proprosti fra parentesi al tempo corretto(02):
Alison had always wanted to play basketball on the high school team ever since she was (to be) a little girl. She __________ (practice) for years to...
Leggi la storia e completa il brano coniugando i verbi proprosti fra parentesi al tempo corretto(03):
My family and I decided to go to the new amusement park for my birthday. I had been planning our day for months, and now it was (to be) time to go. I...
Completa il seguente brano nel modo corretto, utilizzando le parole proposte(01):
PAROLE DA USARE: opinion, shin, rust, accomplish, respond, introduce, demonstrate, silent, stroll, assist
Some of my friends and I decided to...
Completa il seguente brano nel modo corretto, utilizzando le parole proposte(02):
PAROLE DA USARE: malfunction, embarrass, plastic, headache, agriculture, error, fertilizer, ruined, exhaust, drench
We took a field trip to a farm...
Completa il seguente brano nel modo corretto, utilizzando le parole proposte(03):
PAROLE DA USARE: catalog, silverware, decorations, enjoyable, application, purchase, total, contribute, composition, knowledge
My sister loves to...
Completa il seguente brano nel modo corretto, utilizzando le parole proposte(04):
PAROLE DA USARE: foundation, structure, cavern, boulder, horizon, meadow, gravel, ashore, pebble, particle
We were following a ______ pathway, and...
Completa il seguente brano nel modo corretto, utilizzando le parole proposte(05):
PAROLE DA USARE: coarse, smoothness, severe, accelerate, bumpy, firm, jagged, rate, gorgeous, spiral
The spaceship began to ______. “Hold on,...
Leggi questo breve paragrafo su Charlie. Poi completa le domande e le risposte di seguito. Ricorda, questo è il PRESENT SIMPLE. Potrebbero essere necessarie fino a 3 parole per riempire alcuni spazi!
Every day for Charlie Parker is wonderful. He is a very happy :-) man. He lives in a big house in Scotland and works for the post office. He gets up...
Mary è un'insegnante che vive a Melbourne, in Australia. Ha 32 anni, ha i capelli biondi e un fratello di nome David. David ha 34 anni ed è anche insegnante. David vive in Scozia in un piccolo appartamento. Il suo compleanno è ad agosto. È sposato con Jane, 31 anni e attrice. Hanno un'auto BMW rossa. Usa le seguenti informazioni per scegliere le domande corrette sul fratello di Mary fra le tre proposte.
1. David. - What is she brother's name? - What is the brother's name? - What is her brother's name? // 2. 34. - How old is David? - How many years...
Leggi questa conversazione tra Kathy e il suo collega di lavoro, Darren. Scegli la migliore QUESION WORD per completare ogni spazio. C'è solo UNA parola per spazio.
KATHY: ...(1) do you live, Darren. Are you in the city or in the suburbs? DARREN: In a suburb called Kingston. I have a pretty little house with my...
Collega gli animali alle relative definizioni(lettera a numero). Non tutti gli animali hanno una definizione.
1.I live in the woods and I am very big and furry. I have a big nose, a little tail and four legs. I like to eat fish and berries. / 2.I live on a...
Per completare le domande di questi HISTORY QUIZ, scegli una di queste parole:
1. Where did JFK ... ? Dallas, Texas, USA. // 2. When did...
Le seguenti frasi descrivono una professione, abbina ognuna alle risposte proposte:
1. I didn't see that customer sitting there. // 2. I didn't think...
Scegli una di queste parole per completare ogni frase con il Past Simple(01):
1. The dog .... the little girl and her parents ..... her to the hospital. // 2. Yesterday,...
Scegli una di queste parole per completare ogni frase con il Past Simple(02):
1. I never borrowed $20 from you, John. You .... it to Mike! // 2. When the teacher .......
Scegli una di queste parole per completare ogni frase con il Past Simple(03):
1. My mother .... me this ring shortly before she died. It's priceless! // 2. I ..... you...
Scegli una di queste parole per completare ogni frase con il Past Simple(04):
1. I got up early today and ..... a long, hot shower. // 2. Even though you .... your...
Leggi il brano e poi usa i seguenti verbi per completare ogni frase della storia, ma fai attenzione a usare il passato!
At 9 a.m., Sally put her coat on, left the house and drove downtown for her job interview. The interview was at 11 a.m. but she wanted to do some...
Jim è un padre preoccupato e telefona a sua moglie Liz per scoprire cosa stanno facendo i bambini. Completa il dialogo con i verbi suggeriti al PRESENT CONTINUOUS. Potrebbe essere necessario modificare l'ordine di alcune parole.
Jim: Liz, where are the children? I heard that a big storm (come) towards town. // Liz: Don't worry, Jim. Everybody is safe. // Jim: But, (riding)...
Leggi questo dialogo tra Amanda, il capo e il suo collega David. Riempi gli spazi con i verbi proposti fra parentesi al PRESENT CONTINUOUS.
Amanda: David, can you come in here please? // David: Yes, Amanda? // Amanda: What (do) on the Carson deal at the moment? // David: Many things. I...
Riempi gli spazi con il present simple, past simple o present continuous dei verbi suggeriti. Non usare le forme contratte.
Dear Mary, How are you. I (1) (receive) your letter last week. Thank you for the recipe for the cake I (2) (ask) for. I made it last week and it (3)...
Leggi questa lettera di Alice alla sua amica Maria. Riempi ogni spazio coniugando il verbo tra parentesi al PAST SIMPLE oppure AL PAST CONTINUOUS.
Dear Maria, Sorry I haven't written for such a long time Something terrible (happen)! My boss (ask) me to do something for him and I (work) on that...
Leggi il testo su Handsome Rick. Per ogni numero tra parentesi, indica la domanda migliore che devi chiedere per tali informazioni.
TESTO: Rick is (1) years old and lives in Manchester. He is a (2) for a company that makes cardboard boxes and he earns (3)a year. He lives with...
Leggi questo breve testo. Per ogni numero tra parentesi, indica la domanda migliore che devi chiedere per tali informazioni.
TESTO: John Carpenter is a (1) who lives in the centre of London. His address is (2) and his telephone number is 090-445-2324. John is (3) years old...
Leggi questa storia e coniuga i verbi tra parentesi nel tempo giusto(02):
John is 32 years old and lives in Manchester with his girlfriend, Gita He (have) a very unusual job - he is a stuntman! Every day he (drive) to the...
MAX'S GOOD HABIT. Max reads more than anyone he knows. He loves to read during all of his free time. His friends tease him because he would rather read than play video games, but his parents and his teachers are proud of him. They say reading is important, and it will help him learn about the world around him. They also tell him it is a good habit to read on a regular basis. One day Max was reading a magazine article about volcanoes. He told his friends all about volcanoes and what causes them to erupt. The very next week, his class was assigned a science project about volcanoes. Guess who...
1.What would Max rather do than play video games? // 2.What type of science project was his class assigned? // 3.Who wanted Max in their project...
AMUSEMENT PARK PROBLEM. The smell of popcorn was in the air. I could hear kids laughing and screaming. People were everywhere! The breeze felt warm on my skin. It was a perfect day at the amusement park. My family and I wandered around the park, getting snacks and going on rides. I loved almost all types of rides! I loved to go fast and to spin around, to go down hills and to get splashed. The only rides I didn't like were rides that turn you upside-down. My little brother, Ben, didn't like those either, but my older sister, Laura, loved them. When we finally were near a ride that went...
1.Recount the story in your own words. // 2.What lesson did Matt learn? // 3.What is the difference between being aggressive and being assertive? ...
ANNA AND HER BASKETBALL ADVENTURE. A group of teenage boys was playing basketball on the court at the park. The basketball court didn't have a fence around it. If one of the boys missed the basket, someone had to catch the basketball quickly so it wouldn't bounce too far away. One of the boys was showing off, and he tossed the ball with all of his strength from the one end of the court toward the basket on the other end. The ball was flying like a rocket over the heads of all of the other boys. Then it kept right on flying. It flew straight over the basket and out into the field. Anna was...
1. What was the basketball court missing? // 2. What was the basketball like as it flew over the boys' heads? // 4. What did the ducks do when the...
FORCE. Imagine you're going bowling. You roll the ball down the lane, and it hits a bowling pin. The bowling pin stays up. Is that what you would expect to happen? Probably not, because the bowling ball exerted force on the bowling pin, so it should have been knocked over! Force is the push or pull upon an object. Since the bowling ball moves and hits the bowling pin, the force causes the bowling pin to move, too. Is force at work in other sports? Yes, it is! Think about baseball. The ball could not fly out of the stadium by itself. The pitcher uses the force of his or her arm to make the...
1.What is the short story mostly about? // 2.What does the word "force" mean? Highlight the sentence that tells you. // 3.What is the main topic of...
WHAT ARE CLOUDS? A cloud is made of water drops or ice crystals floating in the sky. There are many kinds of clouds. Clouds are an important part of Earth's weather. How Do Clouds Form? The sky can be full of water. But most of the time you can't see the water. The drops of water are too small to see. They have turned into a gas called water vapor. As the water vapor goes higher in the sky, the air gets cooler. The cooler air causes the water droplets to start to stick to things like bits of dust, ice or sea salt. What Are Some Types of Clouds? Clouds get their names in two ways. One way is...
1. What do drops of water turn into? // 2. What are two ways clouds get their names? // 3. What kind of clouds are high clouds? // 4. What clouds...
HATS IN HARVARD. Whoosh! The cold wind roared through the trees and between buildings. Winter was on its way. Amaya was warm in her house, thinking about an article she'd read at school. The article had been about kids who helped out their communities, and she thought it would be really cool to help her own town, Harvard. The only problem was that she wasn't sure how to help. What did her town need that a kid could do? In the article, the kids had grown food for people who needed food, but it was winter. She couldn't start a garden. Amaya was still deep in thought when her mom said it was...
1.Recount the story in your own words. // 2.What is the central lesson of the story? // 3.Which helpful project would be more helpful in your...
HELPING HALLY. Sam was sitting on the couch, watching television. His mom walked in the door with Hally, their dog. Hally walked right over to Sam and licked him hello. "Hi Hally! How was your checkup?" Sam asked. Hally just looked at Sam. "We have to help Hally," said Mom. "Help her how?" asked Sam. "Do you remember when we went to pick up Hally from her litter? We picked her because she looked like her mom. She is brown with spots, with long ears, and she was energetic, so we thought she'd be strong, like her mom. But how does she look now?" Mom asked. "Well," thought Sam, "She's still...
1.Recount the story in your own words. // 2.How did Hally change throughout the story? // 3.What are the problem and solution in the story? // 4.How...
HOW TO MAKE ICE CREAM. Do you like ice cream? Maybe you always buy it at the store or from an ice cream shop, but did you know you can make your own ice cream at home? First, gather your materials. You will need milk, sugar, and vanilla as the ingredients for the ice cream. You will also need some other materials to turn those ingredients into ice cream. The other materials are two zip-top plastic bags, ice, and salt. One of the zip-top plastic bags should be larger than the other. You might also want winter gloves or a towel to use later on! In the smaller bag, combine 1 cup of milk,...
1.What is the short story mostly about? // 2.If you were going to add in your own ingredients, which paragraphs would you need to add more...
LANDFORMS. There are many different types of landforms. Landforms are natural features on the planet's surface. You probably know about some of them already! Mountains are very tall landforms. They can be pointed or rounded, and some are even volcanic! When there are many mountains together, it is called a mountain range. Some mountains are formed from lava, while other mountains are formed when the plates under the earth's surface crash together and push up the land. Either way mountains are formed, it takes many, many years. Valleys are the spaces between mountains. Some valleys are...
1.What is a landform? Highlight the sentence that has the answer. // 2.Which landform does not receive a lot of rainfall? // 3.Write two facts about...
THE LIFE CYCLE. When you plant a seed, does it stay a seed forever? No! Plants and animals grow and change throughout their lives. Many plants begin as seeds. As the seed gets what it needs (water, sunlight, and nutrients from the soil), it begins to grow. The seed turns into a little sprout. It keeps growing until it is a full-grown plant. Then the plant makes new seeds, so that new plants can grow even after the plant grows old and dies. Those seeds will then go through their growth process. Because seeds go through this process over and over again, it is called a life cycle. Animals...
1.What is the short story mostly about? // 2.What is a life cycle? Do all life cycles have things in common? // 3.What is the main topic of the...
MY NEW SCOOTER. It was amazing. I couldn't keep my eyes off it. The way it shone in the light kept drawing my eye back to it. My dad noticed."Sophie, you have a scooter already, a really nice one!" "I know, but look at this one! It's so shiny and new," I said."It is great, but we have to get going. Come on," said Dad. We left the store, with me taking one last glance back at the new scooter. I knew my scooter was nice, and it still worked even though I'd gotten it for my birthday 3 years ago. I just couldn't stop thinking of that new scooter! A few weeks later, Dad and I were back in the...
1.Recount the story in your own words. // 2.How do you think Sophie will feel when she gives her dad her allowance each week? // 3.Sophie borrowed...
THE SOLVER. Kevin loves to read mystery books. He reads mystery books because he likes to try to solve the mystery himself before he gets to the end. Solving puzzles is like solving mysteries, so he likes working on puzzles too. He also likes solving problems. Kevin can usually solve any mystery, puzzle or problem. One day Kevin's mom was trying to find her glasses. Without her glasses, she could not drive. This was a problem because she was going to drive Kevin to his friend's house. It was also a mystery and a puzzle. Kevin really wanted to solve this mystery. Kevin sat down with his mom....
1. What does Kevin like to solve? // 2. What was Kevin's mom trying to find? // 3. Why did Kevin want his mom to find her missing item? // 4. What...
TAG RULES! "You're it!" Nevaeh shouted as she tapped me on the arm. I spotted Raymond and charged after him. He veered to the right and I just missed him. Nevaeh was just past him, so I started chasing after her, but she shouted, "No tag backs!" "Yeah there are! We didn't make rules for this tag game, so I can tag you!" I said, out of breath as I ran toward her. "Then I'm not playing anymore," replied Nevaeh. And just like that, our tag game was over. How annoying, I thought. Raymond and I stopped to talk. "I guess this is one reason that people make rules for games," said Raymond. "We could...
1.Recount the story in your own words. // 2.What is the central lesson of the story? // 3.What other reasons might we need rules in our communities?...
AMANDA'S NEWS. It was a long week for Amanda at school. She stayed after school to work on a special project three days in a row. When she got home on Friday, she plopped down in her favorite chair with a sigh. "What's going on, Amanda?" her dad asked as he was reading the newspaper. "I have to create a webpage for my technology class, and it is taking a lot more time than I thought it would," Amanda answered. Her dad looked over his newspaper and said, "When I was your age, we didn't even have computers, let alone the internet." He folded his newspaper and asked Amanda what the webpage is...
1.Which class is Amanda creating a webpage for? // 2.What is the webpage about? // 3.Who is Amanda's partner? // 4.How do Amanda and her partner do...
WILL THE WOLF. Will was fed up. All he wanted was to do things his way. Why did all the wolves have to do everything together anyway? They ate together, played together, slept together, and walked together. Everywhere. Everyday. It was exhausting. Will was growing up. He could do things himself now, and he had some pretty good ideas, too! But his mom wouldn't let him try his ideas by himself. Will didn't get it. One day, the pack was walking through the woods. Will had an idea that there was food down a path, but the pack didn't want to go that way. Finally, Will said, "Why do we need a...
1.Recount the story in your own words. // 2.What is the central lesson of the story? // 3.Describe Will. Would Will have learned a lesson if his...
THE WHISTLE. Two hundred years ago in Boston, there lived a little boy whose name was Benjamin Franklin. On the day that he was seven years old, his mother gave him a few pennies. He looked at the bright, yellow pieces and said, "What shall I do with these coppers, Mother?"It was the first money that he had ever had."You may buy something if you wish,"said his mother."And then will you give me more?"he asked. His mother shook her head and said,"No, Benjamin. I cannot give you any more. So you must be careful not to spend your money foolishly."The little fellow ran into the street. He heard...
1.Why had Benjamin never owned a toy before? // 2.Why was the mother disappointed Benjamin bought the whistle? // 3.What did Benjamin learn from his...
SAVING THE BIRDS. One day in spring four men were riding on horseback along a country road. These men were lawyers, and they were going to the next town to attend court. There had been a rain, and the ground was very soft. Water was dripping from the trees, and the grass was wet. The four lawyers rode along, one behind the other, for the pathway was narrow, and the mud on each side of it was deep. They rode slowly and talked and laughed and were very jolly. As they were passing through a grove of small trees, they heard a great fluttering over their heads and a feeble chirping in the grass by...
1.Why are the little robins out of their nest? // 2.How did Abraham Lincoln help save the birds? // 3.Why do you think the men were surprised Lincoln...
Leggi questo breve articolo sull'ultimo fumetto del cane Snoopy. Usa UNA parola per riempire ogni spazio.
A 50-year tradition comes to end on Sunday with the last .... Peanuts, the world's most famous comic strip. More than 2,600 newspapers around the...
Leggi la lettera di questo politico alle persone che vivono nella zona. Scrivi una parola per ogni spazio.
I wanted to write a few words to all of you .... (1) explain my decision to oppose the construction of another oil power station in our area. So much...
Leggi il seguente brano e poi rispondi alle domande.
How many people around the world speak English? According to research, approximately 1.5 billion people - that's 20% of the world's population!...
Leggi il seguente brano e poi scegli l'opzione corretta per completare le frasi proposte.
So, how did the language of a small island become the most spoken language in the world? The majority of places where English is an official language...
Leggi il seguente brano(liv.1a media) e poi indica se le affermazioni al fondo sono VERE o FALSE.
LETIZIA: Hi, Alberto. ALBERTO: Hi, Letizia. So, this is your new house. LETIZIA: Yes. This is the front garden... And there's a back garden too....
Leggi il seguente brano(liv.1a media) e poi indica se le affermazioni al fondo sono VERE o FALSE.
LETIZIA: Look. Here's a yummy blackberry pie recipe. MUM: Great. We've got a lot of blackberries in the garden. LETIZIA: What about the other...
Leggi il seguente brano(liv.1a media) e poi indica se le affermazioni al fondo sono TRUE, FALSE o NOT GIVEN.
Mr O'Brian is the head of the British Health Department. Ile isn't very happy about the survey results. Ile is worried because young people aren't...
Leggi il seguente brano(liv.1a media) e poi completa delle frasi e rispondi a delle domande.
Letizia is doing her maths homework. LETIZIA: Mum. Can I go out and meet my friends? MRS MURRAY: Finish your homework first You can meet them after....
Leggi il seguente brano(liv.1a media) e poi indica se le affermazioni al fondo sono TRUE, FALSE o NOT GIVEN.
You can find all different types of homes in Britain, but most people live in houses: 82% of British families live in a house and only 15% live in a...
Leggi il seguente brano(liv.1a media) e poi rispondi a vari tipi di domande:
My name is George, I'm 13 and I live in Brixham in Devonshire. My parents have a small tied 8 Breakfast and my sister Emily and I often give them a...
Leggi i racconti di Letizia e Alberto e indica se le affermazioni al fondo sono vere (T), false (F) o not given (NG).
LETIZIA: This year has been very difficult for me but it has been fun too. My dad is a martial arts instructor and we moved to China in March. I have...
Leggi i racconti di Letizia e Alberto e rispondi alle domande al termine.
LETIZIA: This year has been very difficult for me but it has been fun too. My dad is a martial arts instructor and we moved to China in March. I have...
Leggi il brano su Emma e indica, nelle frasi al termine, l'alternativa corretta.
I have been a volunteer at my local library for eighteen months. I started weatiter when I was 12 years old. My mum has been a library volunteer for...
Leggi il brano su Molly e rispondi alle domande che trovi al termine usando al massimo 4 parole.
I've been a travel blogger for about two years. I've always loved travelling, so after university I decided to do it as a job. I've worked really...
Leggi il seguente brano e poi esegui i TRE esercizi di comprensione che troverai alla fine.
Alberto found an interesting place on the Internet for her family to spend their summer holiday. But this is a holiday with a difference.... Hi! This...
Leggi il seguente brano e poi esegui i TRE esercizi di comprensione che troverai alla fine.
Alberto found an interesting documentary about climate change and the environment: In 2015, 193 countries adopted the 2030 United Nations Agenda for...
Leggi il seguente brano e poi esegui i TRE esercizi di comprensione che troverai alla fine.
Alberto is doing a project at school about hobbies and leisure activities. He found this: 1 Hobbies help us to use our free time to relax. Some...
Leggi il seguente brano e poi esegui i TRE esercizi di comprensione che troverai alla fine.
The National Literacy Trust has just published a survey into the reading habits of nearly 35,000 eight-to-sixteen-year-olds. The results show that...
Leggi il seguente brano e poi esegui i TRE esercizi di comprensione che troverai alla fine.
Our health and wellbeing as adults depend very much on the lifestyles we adopt as adolescents. Recent statistics provided by the Association of Young...