ESERCIZIO NUM: 634 - CATEGORIA: comprensione > question-form comprensione - DIFFICOLTA': ****

Leggi questa conversazione tra Kathy e il suo collega di lavoro, Darren. Scegli la migliore QUESION WORD per completare ogni spazio. C'è solo UNA parola per spazio.

KATHY: ...(1) do you live, Darren. Are you in the city or in the suburbs? DARREN: In a suburb called Kingston. I have a pretty little house with my wife. KATHY: Yes, I know Kingston. How .....(2) does it take you to get to work? It's not far, is it? DARREN: No, it's near. I get to work in about fifteen minutes. KATHY: That's quick! ....(3) do you travel to work? DARREN: By car. What ....(4) do you leave home to come to work, Kathy. KATHY: Before you! It takes me 45 minutes to get to work. I leave the house at about 7.45. DARREN: ....(5) do you leave so early? KATHY: Because I have a coffee with my friend Denise before work! DARREN: ....(6) time do you arrive in the office? KATHY: About 8.55. Do you like living in Kingston, Darren? ....(7) do you do at the weekends? DARREN: There's a big park and we go there with the children. How ....(8) children do you have, Kathy? KATHY: Children? No, I'm too busy working!