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LEGENDA DIFFICOLTA' ESERCIZI: molto facile facile medio difficile molto difficile
Completa le frasi scrivendo CAN oppure MAY:
1. I ______ write with both hands. 2. You __________ go to the bathroom. 3. Your parents __________ visit Mexico next winter. 4. Melody __________...
TO CAN può essere usato per parlare di molte cose in inglese. In questo esercizio, decidi se CAN viene utilizzato per parlare di permission, ability o per fare una richiesta.
1. I can't sleep with all that noise! // 2. Can you come and look at my TV, Marcus? It's broken and my favorite show starts at 9pm. // 3. I don't...
Completa le frasi usando MUST o HAVE TO.
1. Professor Watkins told me today that I ..... give in that assignment by Friday at the latest. // 2. John! This is a one way street. You ..... turn...
Completa le frasi usando MUSTN'T oppure DON'T/DOESN'T HAVE TO.
1. You .... pay for a plastic bag at many supermarkets. // 2. During an exam, you ..... copy from the other students. // 3. You ..... drive over...
Completa le seguenti frasi con il verbo TO CAN in forma affermativa o negativa in base al simbolo + oppure - che trovi nella parentesi:
I... swim. (+/can) / You... draw. (-/can) / He... cook. (+/can) / She... walk. (-/can) / It... jump. (+/can) / We... ski. (-/can) / You......
Completa le seguenti frasi coniungando il verbo tra parentesi in base al senso della frase:
Last week we.... swimming, this week we can't. (can/to go) / Maybe the Smiths.... a new house next year. (can/to build) / If you try hard, you.......
Completa le frasi utilizzando MUST oppure MUSTN'T ma scegli quale usare in base alle regole che ti hanno dato i tuoi genitori.
You...tidy up your room. / You...smoke. / your homework. / with fire. / home on time. / You...cheat in a test. /...
Riscrivi le frasi alla forma interrogativa usando CAN I. Esempio: You want to stay up late tonight. Can I stay up late tonight?
1 You want to go to the cinema with your friends on Sunday afternoon. 2 You want to ride your bike on the main road. 3 You want to go skateboarding...
Collega ogni domanda fatta con il verbo CAN con la risposta corretta
DOMANDE: 1 Can you close the window, please? 2 Can you help me with my homework? 3 Can I go out tonight, Dad? 4 Excuse me, can you tell me the time,...
Scrivi delle richieste con CAN YOU utilizzando le affermazioni dell'esercizio e i verbi del seguente elenco: wash them • get them • cut it • open it • turn down the volume • change it • take them out • translate this article.
Esempio: This homework is really difficult. Can you help me? 1 The dogs want to go out. 2 There's a person at the door. 3 Excuse me, this knife is...
Scrivi delle frasi utilizzando le parole fornite e i verbi CAN COULD (se in parentesi c'è OK) CAN'T COULDN'T (se in parentesi c'è X).
1) Angela / walk/ ten months old.(ok) 2) Mark / swim/ six.(X) 3) Claire/ use a computer/ ten.(X) 4) Daniel / ride a horse/ nine.(ok)5) Sophie /cook/...
Leggi il brano e scegli fra MUST e HAVE TO quello corretto.
Hi, I'm Dylan. I'm 16 and I play the guitar in a band. My dad taught me some basic chords on his acoustic guitar when I was 10. When you play a...
Completa le seguenti frasi con CAN/CAN'T oppure COULD/COULDN'T.
1 Luke is a good skier; when he was 8. 2 Noemi.....cook, but she wants to learn. 3 We.....take photos inside the museum it was prohibited....
Completa le frasi con in verbo HAVE TO coniugato opportunamente 01.
1 home before 11:00 p.m. on Saturday evenings. 2 Their fridge was empty so they.....go to the supermarket 3 In Italy on the...
Completa le frasi con in verbo HAVE TO coniugato opportunamente 02.
1 My mother.....on Saturdays. 2 British children......a school uniform. 3 Chris.....make his bed every day. 4 exams at the end of the...
Componi delle frasi con il verbo MUST usando le parole suggerite e il contenuto delle parentesi per costruire una frase affermativa(+) o negativa(-).
1 Nathaly/tidy her room/once a week(+). 2 You/ride a bike on a motorway(-). 3 Dogs/wait outside the shop(+). 4 You/take this medicine/twice a day(+)....
Completa le frasi con il verbo MUST e utilizzando le seguenti parole: drive on the / buy a ticket before you / stay at school / ride their bikes on / stop when the traffic lights / run in the classrooms / wear a.
1 People in a car......seatbelt. 2 Children in Britain......until they are 16. 3 You........ or corridors. 4 Cyclist......the pavement. 5 In Britain...
Completa le frasi riguardanti le regole per andare ad un concerto, usando MUST, MUSTN'T, HAVE TO, DON'T HAVE TO.
1 You.....arrive at the stadium early. The gates close ten minutes before the concert starts. 2 You....print your ticket. An electronic ticket is...
Complete le frasi con MUST oppure HAD TO.
1 I didn't go out last night because I.....wash my hair. 2 I.....visit my grandma this weekend. 3 I.....make a playlist for the journey to France. 4...
Complete le frasi con HAVE, HAS TO oppure HAD TO.
1 Sarah.....practise the piano every day. perform every night last 2 Mike.....week. 3 You.....come and meet the band on Saturday. 4 Jack and his...
CAN oppure COULD? scegli la forma corretta e completa le seguenti frasi:
1. She __ do a cartwheel. / 2. __ you clean the kitchen for me please? / 3.__ I spend the night at Oscar’s house on Friday? / 4. For lunch, we __...
Completa le frasi utilizzando le parole date, il verbo modale CAN, e l'aggiunta di tutti gli elementi necessari.
1 He .... not play volleytball since she broke her arm. -- 2 Kate / swim / but / skate / well. + … but she .... to play in a few weeks time. -- 4...
Le frasi sottostanti descrivono la situazione in cui ti trovi. Scrivi una domanda usando un verbo MODALE che rappresenti la tua richiesta (descritta in ogni frase):
1 You are at a friend’s flat. You want to make a phone call. . -- 2 You need a rubber. The child sitting next to you has got one. -- 3 You are in...
Completa le frasi con CAN, CAN'T, COULD, COULDN'T:
1 When Bob was 10, he was a fast runner. He .... run 100 metres in 11 seconds. -- 2 afraid I .... come to your birthday party next Sunday. -- 3 I'm...
Riempi gli spazi con CAN/COULD/MAY/MIGHT nella forma negativa e positiva.
1 Mark the guitar very well. -- 2 If you wish, we ... go sightseeing. -- 3 I ... tell you that thing because your cell phone was unreachable...
Completa le frasi con MUST o MUSTN'T.
1 You ... brush your teeth before going to bed. -- 2 You ... let your dog out every day. -- 3 You ... play football at home. -- 4 You ... be rude to...
Leggi ogni frase e scegli CAN oppure CAN'T per completare ogni frase(01):
1. The baby is ill, so we ____ come to the dinner tomorrow night. Sorry. // 2. I ____ speak French, but I know how to ask for someone's name and age....
Leggi ogni frase e scegli CAN oppure CAN'T per completare ogni frase(02):
1 You're very lucky if you the piano. // 2 My brother ...speak any foreign language, but he wants to learn Swedish. // 3 swim well or...
Guarda queste frasi dove c'è TO CAN. Quali sono corrette?
1. This window is very dirty. I can't see through it! // 2. Martha can speaks English very well. She's a good student. // 3. Can you to open this...
Guarda queste richieste di autorizzazione. Riempi ogni spazio con CAN YOU oppure CAN I:
1. ________ borrow $20 from you until the weekend? // 2. ________ give me John's number? I don't have it. // 3. ________ look at my notes for another...
Metti le seguenti parole nell'ordine corretto per creare frasi corrette che usano TO CAN. Non dimenticare di includere la punteggiatura!
1. very / play / well / brother / violin / the / can / . / my --- 2. busy / I'm / very / can't / I / because / tomorrow / see / . / you --- 3. help /...
Osserva le immagini degli animali e poi completa le frasi con CAN oppure CAN'T in base al senso di ogni affermazione(01):
Osserva le immagini degli animali e poi completa le frasi con CAN oppure CAN'T in base al senso di ogni affermazione(02):
Usa la forma corretta di CAN per completare ciascuna di queste frasi(01):
1. I ..... sleep last night. It was so hot! --- 2. When I was five or six, I .... do a handstand, but I .... now. --- 3. My late grandfather ........
Usa la forma corretta di CAN per completare ciascuna di queste frasi(02):
1. I ______ watch the movie last night. My TV was broken. // 2. I ______ open the door last night, the key was stuck in it! // 3. ______ you hear...
Inserisci la forma corretta di CAN o BE ABLE TO per ogni frase.
1. I haven't concentrate recently at work. I don't know what it is. // 2. My brother cook very well. He is a chef in a French restaurant. // 3. When...
Riempi lo spazio in ogni frase usando COULD I oppure COULD YOU.
1. ....close your window please? It's very cold in here. // 2. the door for me please? I am carrying all these books. // 3. Oh, Anna isn't...
CAN o BE ABLE TO, queste frasi sono corrette o sbagliate?
1. You can use my pen as long as you return it. // 2. Eventually, I could get a hotel room even though it was so late. // 3. I could see the...
CAN o BE ABLE TO, metti queste parole nell'ordine corretto per creare frasi di senso compiuto. Non dimenticare di includere la punteggiatura!
1. about / ? / to / the / you / Carol / contact / able / canceled / were / flight --- 2. couldn't / music / I /. / concert / for / buy / the /...
Guarda questo bellissimo corto di animazione Partly Cloudy(02) e rispondi alle domande facendo click e/o scrivendo sul video stesso.
Video di 5'36" con 12 domande sui verbi can e must. La correzione di questo esercizio viene data direttamente alla fine del video.
TO CAN forma negativa: scegli il verbo giusto per completare queste frasi correttamente.
1 Christmas is coming and I'm so excited. I can't __. A=stand B=wait C=see / 2 I can't __ the thought of another week with no sun. A=set B=bear C=try...
Completa le frasi utilizzando MUST oppure MUSTN'T ma scegli quale usare in base al senso di ogni frase(01).
It's late. You...make so much noise. / home by 9 o'clock. The film starts at 9:15. / I...finish this essay today. It has to be handed in by...
Completa le frasi utilizzando MUST oppure MUSTN'T ma scegli quale usare in base al senso di ogni frase(02).
I...take the umbrella. It won't rain. / I...cross this bridge. It's closed. / late. The train will leave in 10 minutes. / You...hurry. We...
Scrivi domande con il verbo CAN e risposte brevi positive o negative in base ai suggerimenti tra parentesi. Esempio: use your mobile phone during a lesson(no) > Can you use your mobile phone during a lesson? No, you can't
1 chew gum in the classroom(no) 2 miss school without a good reason(no) 3 use your mobile phone during breaks(yes) 4 eat snacks during breaks(yes)...
Riscrivi le seguenti frasi con la corretta forma of CAN, MAY oppure MUST, esempio: Don't sit down! You mustn't sit down.
1 It's necessary to complete the exam paper in black or blue pen only. 2 Maybe Flora will return tonight. 3 Read this book! 4 There is no need to...
Completa le frasi riguardanti le regole per andare bene agli esami con MUSTN'T o DON'T HAVE TO.
Dear students, It's exam time again. Please remember a few basic rules for the exam period: for your exams at school. You can study at...
SHOULD-MUST: scegli l'alternativa corretta.
1 Teenagers SHOULDN'T/MUSTN'T spend too much time on their smartphones. 2 You MUST/MUSTN'T come to the new gym with me next week - it's brilliant! 3...
Completa le frasi (che sono collegate tra loro) utilizzando i verbi tra parentesi al CONDIZIONALE(02):
1 If I (can). -- 2 I (do) it. -- 3 If I (come) earlier. -- 4 I (prepare) the dinner. -- 5 If it (rain). -- 6 Kelly (take) an umbrella with her. --...
Completa le frasi (che sono collegate tra loro) utilizzando i verbi tra parentesi al CONDIZIONALE(03):
1 If John (find) money, -- 2 he (not keep) it. -- 3 If he (not print) the paper, -- 4 I (not correct) the test -- 5 If it (not be) so late -- 6 , I...
Completa le frasi (che sono collegate tra loro) utilizzando i verbi tra parentesi al CONDIZIONALE(04):
1 If the police (not stop) me, I (reach) you in time. -- 2 If I (not turn) off the TV. -- 3 , I (know) the end of the soap. -- 4 I Freddie (not...
CAN o COULD? scegli la risposta giusta, fra le tre suggerite, per completare ogni frase(01):
1 We can all __ both English and French. A=spoke B=speak C=speaking / 2 Until they changed the law, tourists could __ here without a visa. A=come...
CAN o COULD? scegli la risposta giusta, fra le tre suggerite, per completare ogni frase(02):
13 Cats __ climb trees, but getting back down is sometimes a problem. A=could B=can C=A or B / 14 The ancient Egyptians __ predict the motion of the...
DON'T HAVE TO oppure MUST? Scegli il verbo giusto per completare correttamente le seguenti frasi:
1 You ___ do it if you don't want to. A=don't have to B=doesn't have to C=must not / 2 If it's against the law, you ___ do it. A=must not B=doesn't...
Traduci in inglese le seguenti frasi con SHOULD e MUST.
1 Freddie dovrebbe dormire meglio stanotte, ora che la tosse gli é passata (has gone). 2 Gli studenti devono registrarsi per questo corso online. 3...