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LEGENDA DIFFICOLTA' ESERCIZI: molto facile facile medio difficile molto difficile
Trasforma ogni frase alla NEGATIVE-FORM usando opportunamente l'apostrofo(01):
1. They are sitting in the front row. 2. He is a good piano player. 3. She will be here for dinner. 4. You should look at that. 5. They have seen...
Trasforma ogni frase alla NEGATIVE-FORM usando opportunamente l'apostrofo(02):
1. We are first in line. 2. They have paid for the movies. 3. I could work later tonight. 4. You can finish this book today. 5. He has taken the...
Trasforma ogni frase alla NEGATIVE-FORM usando opportunamente l'apostrofo(03):
1. She has described the main character. 2. It is the end of the movie. 3. We could help them. 4. You are finished with your plate. 5. They have...
Completa ogni frase con WILL oppure WOULD:
1. Tomorrow we _____ go to the movies. 2. You __________ finish your homework if you knew what to do. 3. __________ you pass me the salt? 4. Frank...
Verbi MODALI: per ogni domanda, scegli True se pensi che sia corretta e False se pensi che ci sia un errore.
1. I can't go to the cinema with you tonight. // 2. You mustn't wear that suit now. // 3. In England, you don't have to play radios in churches. //...
Per completare ogni frase scegli SHOULD oppure SHOULDN'T(02):
1. You .... leave your shoes here or people will trip over them. // 2. You .... turn the TV down. Your aunt is trying to work in the kitchen. // 3....
Verbi MODALI: quale di queste frasi ha una parola in più o mancante?
1. "I can't to see you tonight, Brad," she said, tears in her eyes. // 2. If you must play your music so loud, close the door! // 3. The mayor told...
Verbi MODALI: metti queste parole nell'ordine corretto per creare frasi. Non dimenticare di includere la punteggiatura!
1. see / because / you / can't / I'm / I / tomorrow / busy / . --- 2. that / speak / . / mother / your / to / you / shouldn't / like --- 3. party /...
Per ogni spazio, scegli tra LIKE(S), WOULD LIKE, DO YOU LIKE O WOULD YOU LIKE.
1. I ... swimming in summer. // 2. My sister ... to go to America next year. // 3. ... English? // 4. ... to learn Japanese? // 5. ... fish? // 6....
Completa le frasi con WOULD YOU LIKE o WOULD YOU LIKE TO.
1 ....a coke? 2 ....sit on the sofa? 3 a DVD? 4 ....a pizza? 5 ....stay for dinner?
Alberto invita gli amici a casa sua per vedere dei film. Scrivi le domande che può rivolgere ai suoi amici, utilizzando le parole fornite e WOULD.
1) You / would like / see / film 2) You / would like / watch / thriller 3) You / would like / popcorn 4) You / would like / drink 5) You / would...
Completa le seguenti frasi con CAN/CAN'T oppure COULD/COULDN'T.
1 Luke is a good skier; when he was 8. 2 Noemi.....cook, but she wants to learn. 3 We.....take photos inside the museum it was prohibited....
Componi delle frasi con il verbo MUST usando le parole suggerite e il contenuto delle parentesi per costruire una frase affermativa(+) o negativa(-).
1 Nathaly/tidy her room/once a week(+). 2 You/ride a bike on a motorway(-). 3 Dogs/wait outside the shop(+). 4 You/take this medicine/twice a day(+)....
Completa le frasi con il verbo MUST e utilizzando le seguenti parole: drive on the / buy a ticket before you / stay at school / ride their bikes on / stop when the traffic lights / run in the classrooms / wear a.
1 People in a car......seatbelt. 2 Children in Britain......until they are 16. 3 You........ or corridors. 4 Cyclist......the pavement. 5 In Britain...
Verbo MAY MIGHT: scegli l'alternativa corretta.
1 Albert MIGHT/MIGHT NOT come to the concert. He's sick. 2 They MIGHT/MIGHT NOT go to the beach if the weather is good. 3 Heather MAY/MAY NOT invite...
Verbo MAY MIGHT: abbina la prima parte delle frasi(1-6) alla parte finale(a-f).
1 I may book a trip to swim with the dolphins 2 I might travel around 3 She may not meet us at the museum later. 4 They might not win that holiday to...
Completa le frasi riguardanti le regole per andare ad un concerto, usando MUST, MUSTN'T, HAVE TO, DON'T HAVE TO.
1 You.....arrive at the stadium early. The gates close ten minutes before the concert starts. 2 You....print your ticket. An electronic ticket is...
MAY, MIGHT oppure MUST? scegli la forma corretta e completa le seguenti frasi(01):
1. My mom said I __ do my homework before I play with my friends. / 2. There’s a 90% chance my grandparents __ visit us for Christmas. / 3. The...
MAY, MIGHT oppure MUST? scegli la forma corretta e completa le seguenti frasi(02):
1. Our teacher says we __ study for the test if we want to do well. / 2. There’s a good chance my mom __ make us pancakes for breakfast tomorrow. /...
I verbi Modali: completa le frasi seguenti usando MUST O MUST HAVE e modifica il verbo tra parentesi.
1 When I got home the bottle in the fridge was empty. Somebody (drink) .... all the beer. -- 2 Bob didn’t find his car when he returned to the car...
I verbi Modali: completa le frasi seguenti usando SHOULD/SHOULDN'T - SHOULD HAVE/ SHOULDN'T HAVE/ MUSTN'T O DON'T HAVE TO.
1 If you’re ill, you .... go out. -- 2 You .... worry about Joan. She’ll come back safely as usual. -- 3 David, you .... play near the river. It...
I verbi Modali: completa le frasi seguenti usando MAY/MIGHT, MAY HAVE/MIGHT HAVE.
1 Don’t park here. That policewoman .... give you a fine -- 2 I .... not be here when he comes, please tell him to wait -- 3 Sheila didn’t come...
I verbi Modali: completa le frasi con un verbo appropriato.
1 I’m hungry. You should ... something. -- 2 I have a cold. You should ... an aspirin. -- 3 It’s raining. You shouldn’t ... out with your...
Completa le frasi utilizzando le parole date, il verbo modale CAN, e l'aggiunta di tutti gli elementi necessari.
1 He .... not play volleytball since she broke her arm. -- 2 Kate / swim / but / skate / well. + … but she .... to play in a few weeks time. -- 4...
Le frasi sottostanti descrivono la situazione in cui ti trovi. Scrivi una domanda usando un verbo MODALE che rappresenti la tua richiesta (descritta in ogni frase):
1 You are at a friend’s flat. You want to make a phone call. . -- 2 You need a rubber. The child sitting next to you has got one. -- 3 You are in...
Completa le frasi con CAN, CAN'T, COULD, COULDN'T:
1 When Bob was 10, he was a fast runner. He .... run 100 metres in 11 seconds. -- 2 afraid I .... come to your birthday party next Sunday. -- 3 I'm...
Riempi gli spazi con CAN/COULD/MAY/MIGHT nella forma negativa e positiva.
1 Mark the guitar very well. -- 2 If you wish, we ... go sightseeing. -- 3 I ... tell you that thing because your cell phone was unreachable...
Completa le frasi con MUST o MUSTN'T.
1 You ... brush your teeth before going to bed. -- 2 You ... let your dog out every day. -- 3 You ... play football at home. -- 4 You ... be rude to...
Per completare ogni frase scegli SHOULD oppure SHOULDN'T(01):
1. Listen to that music! Our neighbors .... play music that loud at this hour. // 2. If your tooth is still hurting you tomorrow, you .... go to the...
Scegli il verbo modale corretto fra quelli proposti per ciascuna di queste frasi.
1. ________ you go already? You only arrived an hour ago! - must - should - can // 2. When he was young, he ________ swim very well. He won medals...
Riempi lo spazio in ogni frase usando COULD I oppure COULD YOU.
1. ....close your window please? It's very cold in here. // 2. the door for me please? I am carrying all these books. // 3. Oh, Anna isn't...
Guarda questa e-mail che Sophie ha scritto alla sua amica in Australia. Ha commesso degli errori con i verbi MODALI: dove sono? Ogni frase è corretta o no?
1. Hi Cynthia, I've decided to come to Australia to visit you. // 2. You've invited me so many times and now, with my studies finished, I finally...
Per ognuna delle seguenti frasi, scegli USED TO oppure WOULD. Se entrambi sono possibili, utilizza WOULD
1. Do you remember how your Uncle David.... sit in that chair and smoke those disgusting cigars. // 2. Your mother.... have a Yorkshire Terrier when...
Completa le frasi usando una delle espressioni proposte con verbi MODALI di obbligo, permesso e possibilità.
should keep - can start - don't have - to pay - mustn't enter - can buy - shouldn't walk - can't copy - can't iron - can't smoke
No Smoking 1....
Scrivi il verbo giusto in ogni spazio in queste frasi CONDIZIONALI.
1. If I ... watched the late movie on TV, I'd be feeling so much better today. --- 2. Our world ... be a better place if people were a little nicer...
Scegli la corretta forma verbale, fra quelle proposte, per completare ogni frase(01):
1. If I hadn't overslept, I ______ on time. - will have been - would have been - will be // 2. If you had eaten a good breakfast, you______ so...
Scegli la corretta forma verbale, fra quelle proposte, per completare ogni frase(02):
1. I wish our team ______ . - did win - had won - has won // 2. If only I ______ guitar! - can play - will play - could play //...
Abbina ogni coppia di frasi con verbi MODALI correttamente.
1. John was in the building after 10pm. The rules state "nobody in building after 9pm." // 2. We expected to pay $5 to enter the park. We got into...
Per completare ogni frase, scegli CAN'T, MIGHT oppure MUST.
1. Your mother .... be a great cook. You are always so keen to get back home to eat! // 2. I don't know why I am so tired these days. I .... be...
Scegli uno dei verbi MODALI proposti per completare le frasi.
1. John ..... gone on holiday. I saw him this morning downtown. // 2. Nobody answered the phone...
Leggi queste frasi sulla costruzione e sul viaggio della nave Titanic. Quale delle frasi contiene errori nell'uso del PAST MODALS of deduction?
1. It might have been very dangerous to work in the shipyard. Some men were killed during the building of the ship. // 2. There can't have been a big...
Riordina queste parole per creare delle frasi che usano MODALS of deduction. La prima parola di ogni frase è il nome di una persona.
1. knock / and / door / . / the / Tony / on / go / his / be / in / bedroom / . / might --- 2. must / that / . / seen / TV / . / she's / always /...
Completa le frasi utilizzando WOULD nella forma corretta fra le tre proposte:
1 Which sentence is correct? A=Would do you like to dance? B=Would dance with me? C=Would you like to dance? / 2 George would __ visiting the...
WOULD oppure HAD? Completa le frasi scegliendo quello giusto:
1 You __ better listen to what I say, young man. A=had B=would C=A or B / 2 I ___ like to introduce you to a good friend of mine. A=had B=would C=A...
BE ABLE TO, scegli la risposta giusta, fra le tre suggerite, per completare ogni frase:
1 I hope Josh __ able to come to the party. A=is B=am C=will / 2 Fortunately, we were all ___ to cross the river. A=able B=can C=could / 3 He __ not...
Completa le risposte con MAY oppure MIGHT + i seguenti verbi:
1 A: What are you going to do after lunch? B: I don't know. I....for a walk in the park. 2 A: I'm going to have...
Traduci le seguenti frasi con MAY/MIGHT.
1 Olivia potrebbe essere a casa. Le luci sono accese. 2 Potrei arrivare in ritardo alla riunione. 3 Potresti non trovare una camera nell'albergo. 4...
Completa le frasi con la forma affermativa o negativa di MAY/MIGHT.
1 We....go to the cinema if there's a new movie on. 2 It's late: they....come. 3 She....get that job. There aren't a lot of candidates. 4 I....go to...
Completa le frasi con MAY, MIGHT, WILL oppure TO BE GOING TO.
1 Don't worry, Mum! I....clean my room when the film finishes. 2 in London next summer. 3 My mum me a new bike for my birthday....
Completa le seguenti frasi con i verbi MODALI, scegliendo una delle tre alternative proposte.
1 speak Spanish? Only a few words, but my French is pretty good.(Can, Could, Will). 2 You.....drink so much coffee. It's not good for...
Completa le seguenti frasi con uno dei verbi MODALI seguenti:
mustn't • could • can • don't have to • have • should • must • can • might
1 If you want to learn to speak English fluently,...
Verbi MODALI: scegli l'alternativa corretta nel seguente dialogo 01.
ROGER: Hello Nick. It's Tom. ANDY: Hello Tom. ROGER: How's your job going? What's your new boss like? ANDY: She's really strict. There are lots of...
Verbi MODALI: scegli l'alternativa corretta nel seguente dialogo 02.
- I don't feel very well. What....I do? - I think you....go to the doctor. ....I call him to see if he has an appointment for tomorrow? - Look at...
Riscrivi le seguenti frasi con la corretta forma of CAN, MAY oppure MUST, esempio: Don't sit down! You mustn't sit down.
1 It's necessary to complete the exam paper in black or blue pen only. 2 Maybe Flora will return tonight. 3 Read this book! 4 There is no need to...
Completa le frasi riguardanti le regole per andare bene agli esami con MUSTN'T o DON'T HAVE TO.
Dear students, It's exam time again. Please remember a few basic rules for the exam period: for your exams at school. You can study at...
SHOULD oppure MUST? fai la scelta giusta per completare queste frasi correttamente:
1 All soldiers __ get their head shaved. A=must B=should C=A or B / 2 To enter China, you ___ have a visa. A=must B=should C=A or B / 3 I feel that...
Frasi con RATHER: scegli la parola giusta per completare queste frasi correttamente.
1 I __ rather be a sparrow than a hawk. A=am B=would C=had / 2 I would rather be a cat __ a tiger. A=than B=that C=then / 3 I find his paintings...
PAST MODALS: scegli il verbo giusto per completare queste frasi correttamente.
1 We should ___ left earlier. A=had B=have C=has / 2 You could have ___ a lot of money in that casino. A=lose B=loss C=lost / 3 Your mother must have...
Frasi al PASSIVO con verbi MODALI, indica il modo giusto di completare ogni frase:
1 All books must __ returned to the library within three days. A=been B=be C=being / 2 The soldiers' hair has to ___ really short. A=be cut B=cut...
Verbi MODALI, scegli quello giusto per completare le seguenti frasi(01).
1 The deadline for the application is next Saturday. You __ get it in before then. A=would B=could not C=must / 2 We ___ either go to the movies or...
Verbi MODALI, scegli quello giusto per completare le seguenti frasi(02).
1 ___ you dance the next dance with me? A=Will B=Would C=A or B / 2 __ you pass me the pepper? A=Can B=Could C=A or B / 3 You simply __ visit our...
Verbi MODALI e frasi negative, scegli quello giusto per completare le seguenti frasi.
1 You're going to park in the director's space? You __ be serious. A=can't B=won't C=mightn't / 2 I'm off to the shops. I ___ be long. A=mustn't...
HAD BETTER, scegli la risposta giusta, fra le tre suggerite, per completare ogni frase:
1 You __ better be good if you want to get presents from Santa. A=had B=did C=would / 2 I told Michael he __ better stay away from my girlfriend....
Traduci le seguenti frasi in inglese usando i VERBI MODALI.
1 Non devi fare la spesa. L'ha fatta la mamma ieri. 2 Posso usare i1 tuo computer? 3 Non dobbiamo arrivare a scuola tardi. 4 Abbiamo dovuto studiare...