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O JOHN! O John! The sun has just set. It is not hot now. Let us run and jump. I think it is fun to run and skip and jump. See the duck on the pond! Her nest is up on the bank under the rock. We must not touch the nest, but we may look at it.
1.Why is it not hot now? / 2.What is it fun to do? / 3.What is on the pond? / 4.Where is the nest?
PLAYING WITH FRIENDS. John went for a bike ride. He rode around the block. Then he met some girls he knew from school. They all rode to the field to play. John had a great time playing games with his friends.
1.John went for a ( car / bike )ride. -- 2.He rode around the ( block / circle ). -- 3.Then he met some ( boys / girls )he knew from school. --...
A BIRTHDAY PARTY. Lisa went to a birthday party on Saturday. There were many girls there. They played a lot of great games at the party. Then they had dessert. All of the girls got balloons as party favors. Lisa loved her red balloon.
1.Lisa went to a (slumber / birthday) party on Saturday. -- 2.There were many (girls / boys)there. -- 3.They played a lot of great (movies /...
BASEBALL. Tim went to the park with his brother. They brought baseballs and gloves. They played catch for two hours. It started to getvery hot out, so they went home for some lemonade. They had a great day.
1.What did Tim do with his brother? a.Go to school b.Go to the park / 2.What did they take with them? a.Baseballs and gloves b.Books and pencils /...
WINTER FUN. Mary and her family went sledding. They each brought their own sled. When they got to the hill, they had a race. Mary's brother won the race, and she was happy for him. After a long, fun day of sledding, Mary and her family went home and had hot chocolate.
1.Where did Mary and her family go? a.Skiing b.Sledding / 2.What did they each bring? a.Their own sled b.Their own skis / 3.What did they do when...
SOCCER GAME. We have a soccer game this morning. We are playing against a team from another school. I get to play striker. I like scoring goals. At half-time no one has scored yet. We get to each orange slices during the break. In the second half I score a goal. We win the match.
1.What is happening this morning? a.A soccer game b.A baseball game / 2.What position does the writer get to play? a.Defence b.Striker / 3.Does the...
MAKING PIZZA. We are making a pizza. First we make the dough with flour and eggs. We flatten the dough into a round shape. Then we put tomato sauce and cheese on top. The pizza goes into the oven. In a few minutes,it is ready to eat.
1.What do you use to make pizza dough? a.Flour and eggs b.Rice and water // 2.What do we put on top of the pizza? a.Milk and butter b.Tomato sauce...
Leggi il seguente semplice testo su Martin e indica se le frasi al fondo sono vere (T), false (F) o non date (NG).
Martin is my cousin. He is tall and slim. Martin loves animals: he has got a cat, a turtle and a horse. He can also take great photos: he has got a...
Leggi il seguente semplice testo su Kevin and Lisa e indica se le frasi al fondo sono vere (T), false (F) o non date (NG).
It is a warm and sunny, spring day. Kevin and Lisa go for a walk in the park. They wear a hoodie, trousers and trainers. In the park they play...
MY LITTLE KITTY. This is my little kitty. How soft and white its fur is! Isn't it pretty? The cat is on the box. She saw a big rat and ran to catch it. The kitty was too slow to catch the rat.
1.What color is the kitty? / 2.What is the cat sitting on? / 3.What did the cat see? / 4.Did the kitty catch the rat?
SUSY BROWN. Susy Brown is a good girl. Some of her friends were going to the woods to pick berries, and Susy wanted to go with them. However, when Susy came home from school, she found her mother tired and worn out from her work. Susy took the baby and said she would stay at home and let her mother rest. When the girls came home with their berries, they all gave Susy some. Everybody loves Susy.
Is Susy Brown a good girl or a bad girl? / What are her friends doing? / Why does Susy help her mother? / How were the friends nice to Susy?
HERE COMES THE BAND. Here comes the band! Should we call Mommy and Fanny to see it? Let us stand still and hear the men play as they pass. I hope they will stop here and play for us. See the large man in front of the band with his big hat? What's he holding in his hand? How fine he looks! Look at the man on that fine horse too. If the men do not stop, let us follow them and see where they go.
1.Who will they call to see the band? / 2.What is the man in front wearing? / 3.What is the other man riding? / 4.What will we do if the band does...
HERE PLUTO. "Here Pluto!" Kate called to her dog. "Come, and get the dolls out of the pond."The dolls were named Rose and Bess. They were floating on the top of the water. Pluto came with a bound and jumped into the pond. He swam around and got Bess in his mouth and brought her to the shore. Pluto then found Rose and brought her out too. Kate said, "Good, old Pluto! Brave old dog!
1.Who is Kate's dog? / 2.What are the names of Kate's two dolls? / 3.Did the dolls float or sink? / 4.How did Ponto rescue the dolls?
THE BEE. "Come here, Lucy, and listen! What is in this flower?""Oh Mother! It is a bee. I wonder how it got caught inside the flower?""It went into the flower for some honey, and maybe it went to sleep. Then the flower closed it in.""The bee likes honey as we do, but it does not like to be closed in the flower.""Shall we let it out, Lucy?""Yes, then it can go to other flowers and get honey."
1.What is trapped in the flower? / 2.Why was it in the flower? / 3.What do Lucy and her mother think about honey? / 4.What will it do once it is let...
NED AND THE APPLES. Here, Ned, catch this apple in your hand. No, I will catch it in my hat. Now I have it. What a big apple it is! Let us take it to Mom. Yes! She likes it. I will get her some more. We will take them to her in my hat. Here is a very big apple! We will give her this one too.
1.How will Ned catch the apple? / 2.What is the apple like? / 3.Who did the boys give the apple to? / 4.In what do the boys carry the apples?
MY PETS. I have a dog, a cat and a hamster. I love them all. My dog's name is Snoopy; my cat's name is Whiskers, and my hamster's nameis Nibbles. Snoopy is playful, and he likes bones. Whiskers sleeps in my bed. Nibbles loves running in his wheel. They are all soft and furry.
1.How many pets are there? / 2.What is the hamster's name? / 3.Who sleeps in the bed? / 4.What does Snoopy like? / 5.Which pets are soft and...
THE OCEAN. The ocean has bright blue water filled with waves. Many types of fish live in the ocean. Seagulls love flying over the ocean to look for fish. There is soft sand along the shore, and there are pretty seashells in the sand. The ocean is a great place to visit.
1.What color is the water? / 2.What livesin the ocean? / 3.What is in the sand? / 4.Where is the soft sand? / 5.Why do seagulls fly over the...
MY FRIENDS. I have some very good friends. I ride the bus with my friends Tony and Brian. They live on my street. At school, Tony, Brian and I play with Lisa and Emma on the playground. We all eat lunch together too. I also have friends from my soccer team named Hunter and Jake. Sometimes I get to see my cousins Abby and Kevin. They are my friends too. I like all of my friends.
1.Which friends ride the bus? / 2.Which friends play soccer? / 3.Who plays with Tony and Brian on the playground? / 4.Who are the cousins? / 5.Who...
THE BOOKSHELF. The bookshelf in my house holds many books and some pictures and candles. It is a tall bookshelf. There are large booksand small book. There are also books for kids and books for adults. There is a picture of my mom and dad and a picture of my family. There are two blue candles and a yellow candle. I'm glad the books I like are on the lowest shelf.
1.Is the bookshelf short or tall? / 2.What is on the bookshelf? / 3.How many pictures are on the bookshelf? / 4.What colors are the candles? /...
THE CLASSROOM. My teacher is Mrs. Brown. We have ten desks for ten students. On the wall is our art work. We have cut out and painted turkeys for Thanksgiving. During recess we play on the monkey bars. In the afternoon,Mrs. Brown reads a story. Then it is time to go home.
1.What is the teacher's name? / 2.Howmany students are there? / 3.What is hanging on the wall? / 4.What do they do during recess? / 5.What does...
PLAYGROUND. We are going to the playground. First, I swing on the swings. Then I take two turns at the slide. We climb on the new climbing wall. My friends and I play hide and seek. We build a sand castle in the sandbox. I drink water from the water fountain. Time to go home.
1.Where are they going? / 2.What does the writer take two turns at? / 3.What do they climb? / 4.What do the friends play together? / 5.What do...
Osserva le immagini ed abbina ognuna al progetto umanitario corretto.
1. helping to save endangered species. 2. helping to clean up polluted natural areas. 3. providing children in poor countries with an educaton. 4....
Leggi il seguente semplice testo su Leo e rispondi alle domande.
My name’s Leo. I’m 10 and I’m a student at the St. Andrew’s Primary School in Glasgow. Mum is a doctor, she works at the Glasgow Central...
Leggi il seguente semplice testo scritto da Simona e indica se le frasi al fondo sono vere (T), false (F) o non date (NG).
Hi Sandy, we’re having a fantastic holiday! We’re in Barcelona, a very beautiful city in Spain. At the moment we’re eating “paella” in a...
Leggi il seguente semplice testo su Julia e indica se le frasi al fondo sono vere (T), false (F) o non date (NG).
Hello everybody! I’m Julia Sleep. I’m twelve years old and I live in Chicago, in the USA. I go to the Junior High School, from Monday to Friday....