ESERCIZIO NUM: 3006 - CATEGORIA: comprensione > comprensione-elementary - DIFFICOLTA': **

Leggi il seguente semplice testo scritto da Simona e indica se le frasi al fondo sono vere (T), false (F) o non date (NG).

Hi Sandy, we’re having a fantastic holiday! We’re in Barcelona, a very beautiful city in Spain. At the moment we’re eating “paella” in a restaurant and mum and dad are drinking “sangria” too. Today it’s hot and sunny. I’m not wearing jeans; I’m wearing a T-shirt, shorts, sandals and a hat, of course! What about you? What are you doing? See you soon! Love, Simona
FRASI: 1- Simona is having a holiday in Madrid. 2- Simona is drinking sangria. 3- Her sister is eating spaghetti. 4- The weather is hot and sunny. 5- Simona is wearing jeans and a T-shirt.