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LEGENDA DIFFICOLTA' ESERCIZI: molto facile facile medio difficile molto difficile
Scrivi le frasi alla FORMA PASSIVA.
1 Jack paints beautiful portraits. 2 Mrs Jones cleans this museum. 3 Sam and Luke teach art at the local school. 4 They make bronze sculptures.
Cambia le frasi dalla forma attiva alla forma PASSIVA:
1 Jeremy asked me to sign the form. / 2 We finished the project just on time. / 3 We were helping the old lady. / 4 He cooks the waffles early in the...
Indica se queste frasi sono ATTIVE o PASSIVE:
1 Mum has bought some cheese and biscuits for you. / 2 Winter has ended and Spring is here. / 3 Some of our men have been captured by the enemy. /...
Cambia queste frasi in forma PASSIVA:
1 Scott has sent some supplies. / 2 I have completed my homework. / 3 Sherry has baked a cake. / 4 She has lost the files. / 5 He has built the...
Per ogni frase, coniuga il verbo tra parentesi alla forma passiva con GET ogni volta che è possibile.
1. I don't know why this class is always so dirty. It (clean) every morning. // 2. The murder suspect told the police a complicated alibi but it...
Riempi gli spazi coniugando il verbo tra parentesi con una forma del verbo PASSIVO. Il tempo potrebbe essere passato, presente o futuro.
1. Many rock stars say the real thrill is that they enjoy(watch) by thousands of adoring fans. // 2. Your car is a death trap. It(should/send) to the...
Attivo o passivo? Leggi il notiziario, scegli la corretta forma verbale e scrivila nello spazio vuoto.
1. Millions of dollars' worth of damage has been caused by a storm which(swept/was swept) across the north of the United States last night. // 2. The...
Attivo o passivo? Per ogni frase scegli la forma e il tempo giusto:
1. That door(paint) yesterday. // 2. Michelangelo(paint) the Sistine Chapel. // 3. Michael Schumacher (drive) for Ferrari in 2003. // 4. In the UK,...
Crea delle FRASI PASSIVE cambiando l'ordine delle parole date(01):
1. 1937 ballpoint pen invent. --- 2. hospital open The Queen last week. --- 3. car steal 10pm last night. --- 4. you see with another woman!...
Crea delle FRASI PASSIVE cambiando l'ordine delle parole date(02):
1. Fiat cars Italy make --- 2. Spaghetti boiling water cook --- 3. Children schools educate --- 4. Football every country play --- 5....
Scegli le informazioni dall'elenco seguente per completare le frasi PASSIVE di seguito.
1817 - Marconi - 1977 - the USA - 1903 - 1957 - Charles Darwin - north of England - Chinese - Edison - Germany
1. The radio was invented by... //...
Guarda queste frasi, ci sono alcuni errori nelle forme verbali passive e attive. Quali frasi sono corrette?
1. The most important part of my country is the north. // 2. This is where coal is mined and we earn a lot of money from this. // 3. There are also...
Usa i verbi in elenco e il PRESENT PERFECT PASSIVE per completare queste frasi. Una di queste è negativa.
1. Six files....They are in the Recycle Bin. // 2. The application... // 3. This your...
Guarda queste frasi che usano tutte i verbi passivi. Ogni frase ha UNA parola che è extra o miss-spelt, qual è?
1. That house is to cleaned by two women every week. // 2. Grapes are not grown in this part of the country. It's to hot. // 3. This letter was...
Tutte queste frasi usano il PRESENT PASSIVE. Contengono errori o no?
1. This office is clean by Havoc Cleaning every morning. // 2. After the wood is cut, it is polished by another machine. // 3. Bananas is grown in...
Completa le frasi con il PAST SIMPLE del verbo tra parentesi ma alla forma PASSIVA.
1 The statute(complete) in 1572. 2 The gallery(close) last year. 3 The artist(love) by the Queen. 4 The portrait(give) to the museum. 5 A...
PRESENT PERFECT forma passiva: scegli il verbo giusto per completare queste frasi correttamente.
1 The herb __ been used for centuries in Tibet for healing purposes. A=have B=had C=has / 2 The secret __ been passed down from generation to...
Frasi al PASSIVO, indica il modo giusto di completare ogni frase(01):
1 We use the passive voice when ____. A=the speaker did the action B=we do not know who did the action C=we know who did the action / 2 Which is...
Frasi al PASSIVO con verbi MODALI, indica il modo giusto di completare ogni frase:
1 All books must __ returned to the library within three days. A=been B=be C=being / 2 The soldiers' hair has to ___ really short. A=be cut B=cut...
Frasi al PASSIVO interrogative, indica il modo giusto di completare ogni frase:
1 Will I __ charged extra for this? A=am B=been C=be / 2 When was your living room ___? A=redecorate B=redecorated C=redecorating / 3 __ these...
Frasi al PASSIVO, indica il modo giusto di completare ogni frase(02):
1 Which of the following is a passive sentence? A=Fred parked his truck across the road. B=Fred's truck was parked across the road. C=Fred was parked...
Frasi al PASSIVO, indica il modo giusto di completare ogni frase(03):
1 According to the officer in charge, the security ___. A=was breached B=was breach C=breached / 2 The army was held back __ the rebel force. A=for...
Frasi al PASSIVO, indica il modo giusto di completare ogni frase(04):
1 Your cooperation in this matter __ greatly appreciated. A=would B=is C=are / 2 Every year, feasts and banquets ___ in his honour. A=are hold B=held...
TO GET al passivo: scegli il verbo giusto per completare queste frasi correttamente.
1 I __ my car washed by a guy named Joe. A=getting B=am C=got / 2 I think she needs to get her head ___. A=checking B=check C=checked / 3 Which...
TO HAVE al passivo: scegli il verbo giusto per completare queste frasi correttamente.
1 I usually __ my hair cut at that salon. A=having B=have C=am / 2 I need to ___ my teeth examined by a dentist. A=have B=do C=be / 3 Sheila usually...
Riscrivi le seguenti frasi trasformandole in forma PASSIVA(01):
Julia rescued three cats. / The students handed in the reports. / Maria crashed into the blue car. / Alex learned the poem. / Steven has forgotten...
Riscrivi le seguenti frasi trasformandole in forma PASSIVA(02):
She bought four apples. / We won the match. / The man stole the blue car. / The police arrested the thieves. / Jack swam the 200 metres. / The dog...
Riscrivi le seguenti frasi trasformandole in forma PASSIVA(03):
Mr Jones watches films. / The people speak English. / He reads comics. / We play volleyball. / They sing the song. / I take photos. / She does the...
Riscrivi le seguenti frasi trasformandole in forma PASSIVA(04):
They have opened a new shop. / Rick has interviewed the lady. / I have bought the tickets. / We have not sold the bike. / Tim has forgotten the...
Riscrivi le seguenti frasi trasformandole in forma PASSIVA(05):
She is reading a comic. / We are cleaning the kitchen. / My brother is not making dinner. / I am opening the presents. / Is Emma singing a song? / He...
Riscrivi le seguenti frasi trasformandole in forma PASSIVA(06):
Henry will drive Charlie home. / We will not send the tickets. / The bus driver will take the tourists to the hotel. / Will Oliver cancel the...