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SUMMER NIGHTS. It is nighttime in the summer. Luke, Jake and Connor look up at the sky. Jake sees the Milky Way. Luke points to the moon. It is a half moon. Connor looks at all of the bright stars. After they study the sky, they collect fireflies in a jar. They hear an owl hoot loudly from a nearby tree. The boys love being outside on summer nights. They sleep in a tent so they can stay out all night. When they are ready to go bed, they climb into the tent and use the fireflies as a nightlight. They let the fireflies go in the morning so they can catch them again the next time they sleep outside.

1.What do Luke, Jake and Connor look at? a.The night b.The sky c. a bird d. The sun / 2.What does Luke point to in the sky? a.The clouds b.The stars c.The moon d.The plane / 3.What do the boys collect in a jar? a.Fireflies b.Worms c.Ants d.Leaves / 4.Where do the boys sleep? a.In bed b.On a cot c.In a tent d.On the grass