ESERCIZIO NUM: 246 - CATEGORIA: comprensione > present-simple past-simple futuro present-perfect past-perfect comprensione-advanced - DIFFICOLTA': ****

Leggi la storia e completa il brano coniugando i verbi proprosti fra parentesi al tempo corretto(03):

My family and I decided to go to the new amusement park for my birthday. I had been planning our day for months, and now it was (to be) time to go. I __________ (to be) very excited. We __________ (arrive) early because I __________ (want) to be one of the first people in the park. We __________ (go) directly to the biggest roller coaster in the whole park. It __________ (look) much bigger in person than in the commercials. I __________ (begin) to feel a little bit afraid. “You __________ (to be) okay,” said my brother. “You will have so much fun on the roller coaster. It may __________ (seem) scary from here, but I guarantee you __________ (love) it.” I __________ (debate) on not riding the roller coaster, but my brother’s words helped. “I __________ (go) to ride it!” I __________ (tell) my family. “Let’s do this!” We waited in line, and then it __________ (to be) my turn to go. I got in the ride, __________ (attach) my seat belt, and __________ (take) a deep breath. Then, the ride __________ (start) moving. The next three minutes __________ (to be) amazing! I __________ (have) the best time ever. I __________ (think) it was going to be scary, but instead it was so much fun. I __________ (decide) that I would ride it over and over again. Next year, we __________ (return) to the park for my birthday, and I will not be afraid at all. I __________ (look) forward to the visit all year long. I __________ (count) down the days already!