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THE COAT. "Do not go outside without your warm coat, Tom. It is very cold, and the snow lies thick on the ground. If you do, then you will catch cold, and you will be sick.""I feel quite warm. I don't need to wear a warm coat.""Yes, you do. In here we have a large fire. Outside there is no fire to keep you warm, and the cold wind blows. If you have no warm coat on, you will feel cold."However, Tom thought he knew best, so he went outside with no coat on. Tom caught a bad cold and cough. He was in bed quite sick. Jack, Will and Tom were supposed to play on the frozen pond the next day, but now Tom was too sick to go. When he was in bed, Tom thought how silly he had been. He would try to do all that he was told when he got well.

1.What was the weather like outside? // 2.Why doesn't Tom think he needs a coat? // 3.What happened when Tom went out without a coat? // 4.Why did Tom think he had been silly?