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Leggi il seguente brano sul Festival di Glastonbury e rispondi alle domande al termine.

Glastonbury is one of the largest music and performing arts festivals in the world. The festival takes place every June in a quiet village in Somerset, in the south-west of England. Glastonbury is famous not only for modern pop and rock music, but also for dance, theatre, poetry and circus performances. It lasts five days and it is a very important part of British culture. Stars old and new, like Paul McCartney, Madonna, Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift perform at the festival. But Glastonbury is famous for one more thing - mud! It often rains during the festival and the fields become very muddy. Festival-goers always have to remember to take wellies and raincoats with them! Camping is an essential part of the Glastonbury experience, so people have to bring their own tents, too. But they don't have to take food - there are more than 250 street-food stalls to choose from, for every taste and budget. The first Glastonbury festival took place on Michael Eavis' farm in 1970. 1,500 people paid just £1 to enter. The ticket even included free milk from the farm! Today, things are a little different. The festival attracts more than 180,000 people and costs 1250! And if you want to go, you have to move fast - tickets sell out very quickly, sometimes in less than an hour!
DOMANDE: 1) What other performing arts can you see at Glastonbury, apart from music? 2) What is the weather often like during the festival? 3) What clothing people have to take with them? 4) Where do people sleep at the festival? 5) How was a ticket to the first Glastonbury? 6) What do you have to do to get a ticket? 7) What kind of music?