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HERE IS A NEST. "Look, Ned, here is a nest! It is made from hay, and the old hen is in it." "Put your hand into the nest, Mary." "Oh no, the hen will not let me! The hen is protecting something.""Mary, I will hold onto her.""Well, Ned, if you can hold her, I will put my hand into the nest," said Mary as she moved her hand towards the nest. "Oh Ned, there are some little chicks under the hen!""Are there?" asked Ned. "Take her out of the nest so we can see them." Ned lifted the hen out of the nest. The children could see the chicks. There were six of them. "Oh, the dear little chicks! How pretty they are," said Ned. "Should we help the hen to feed them, Mary?""Yes, I will run and get some food and give them some water," shouted Mary as she ran towards her house.

1.What is the nest made of? // 2.How many chicks are in the nest? // 3.What will the children do for the little chicks? // 4.Why won't the hen let Mary put her hand in the nest?