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ALIEN MONEY. Zander was hard at work growing food for himself and his neighbors. The food was floating, and as he walked by he looked at each plant, pointed his laser at it, and the laser gave the plant what it needed. That was the easy part. The hard part was how much walking he had to do! He heard a knock at his door. It was his neighbor Jules. She was holding some cleaning products. "Hi, Zander. I just finished making some cleaning products. Do you need any?" she asked. "Hi, Jules. I do. Can I get some cleaning spray? I can give you 4 breakfast plants for a bottle." Jules said, "I have enough breakfast plants for this week. How about 4 lunch plants?" "They need a couple more hours to grow before I can give them to you. Is that OK?" asked Zander. "I think that's OK. It's not too far of a walk for you, right?" "I will bring them by when they're done growing, I promise," Zander said. Jules knew she could trust Zander, so she left the cleaning spray with him and went home. When Zander came by later with the plants, he started talking with Jules. "I wish there was an easier way to get and give our items. Trading isn't always easy. Sometimes I don't have enough plants ready to trade, or sometimes it's hard to agree with someone how many plants I need to trade for their item." Jules agreed. They went home thinking and wishing for a way to make their lives easier.

1.Who are the characters in the story? / 2.What happens in the middle of the story? / 3.Why might Jules not want to leave her cleaning spray before she gets the plants from Zander? / 4.Why did Jules leave the cleaning spray with Zander? How do you know? / 5.How would it be easier for Zander and Jules to exchange their items withtheir other neighbors, instead of trading?