ESERCIZIO NUM: 138 - CATEGORIA: comprensione > avverbi comprensione-intermediate - DIFFICOLTA': ***

Completa la storia utilizzando AND, BUT oppure SO(02):

Today was the day! Mary’s family were going on a picnic. Mother prepared sandwiches __and__ drinks that father placed in a basket. Everyone was ready, __________ they left the house. They walked together to the park. Arrived at the perfect spot, dad unfolded a blanket __________ mom set the basket down. Mary __________ her sister were excited, __________ they kept jumping on the blanket until mom told them to stop. Before long, everyone was sitting down, __________ mom was opening the basket. She handed each one a sandwich __________ a napkin. She looked for the drinks __________ could not find them. It seems that dad had forgotten to pack them. Thankfully, there was a fountain in the park __________ everyone could drink some water. After the picnic, they packed everything __________ returned home. Everyone laughed when they saw the four drinks still on the counter.