ESERCIZIO NUM: 838 - CATEGORIA: comprensione > nomi comprensione-intermediate - DIFFICOLTA': ***

Quiz: utilizza la prima lettera e le definizioni fornite per scrivere la parola a cui si riferisce ogni frase.

1. Bird that can't fly, black and white, lives in the South Pole. (P) // 2. Place you go when you are sick or hurt in an accident. (H) // 3. Something from the fridge that you put on bread. Not cheese! (B) // 4. The first month of the year. (J). // 5. Physically attractive, opposite of "ugly". (B) // 6. Something that can harm you, opposite of "safe". (D) // 7. The day when you were born, you can have a party! (B) // 8. Period of time after lunch, but before the evening. (A)