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GIVING. Shari was so excited for her birthday. She thought about the fun party she was going to have and the presents she would get. But, her mom told her that she had to make room for new toys by choosing some old toys to give away. Shari was not happy. She loved all of her toys! Her mom sat down with her in front of her toy chest. They looked through the toys one at a time. Most of the toys Shari wanted to keep. Her mom put them in the "keep" pile. When they got about halfway through the toy box, Shari saw one stuffed animal that she had forgotten about. "Oh, look at how cute he is! Keep him, please," she told her mom. "Shari, you forgot about him. Are you sure you will really play with him again? What if you get a new stuffed animal that you like better?" Mom asked."Well, now I remember him. I will play with him.""That's fine, but there might be someone else out there who would love to have him. Some kids don't have any stuffed animals," said Mom. Shari said she would decide later. When they were finished, there was a very large "keep" pile, and some toys in the "donate" and "maybe" piles. Mom and Shari cleaned the "maybe" and "donate" toys, then put them in bags. They went to a place where kids lived who didn't have homes, and asked the workers if they could hand out toys. Seeing the kids' smiles made Shari so happy, and a lot of kids said this was the only toy they had. Shari turned to her mom and asked if they could get the "maybe" bag out of the car. The other kids needed those toys more than she did! Shari felt so great that her choice made the other kids so happy

1.Who are the characters in the story? // 2.What happens in the middle of the story? // 3.What changes about Shari during the story? // 4.Where did Shari and her mom go at the end of the story? // 5.What is a choice you could make that would affect others in a positive way?