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CARDBOARD TOWN. Fine, I'll just do it all myself! I thought as I stomped away. My friends and I were trying to make the best cardboard town to play in. We had boxes that we were turning into stores and playgrounds and all sorts of other fun things! We weren't getting along very well, though. I could hear them talking as I was walking away. "Wow, I didn't think he'd get so mad," Katie said. "This was supposed to be fun," said Max. "Johnny can't do it all by himself. Maybe if we give him some space he'll want us to help again." Yeah, right. Since it was my idea, I would just do it without them. The only problem was that I wanted it done before Thanksgiving so that I could show all of my family when they came over. When Thanksgiving was two weeks away, I realized that it was just too big of a job. I couldn't make the buildings out of boxes, and put them around the town, and decorate them all by myself. It was taking way too long. I guess that's why people work together. When we each had a job, this was fun and went a lot faster. Maybe I should say sorry to Katie and Max, they were just trying to help and have fun with me. The next day at school I said sorry to Katie and Max. "I don't know why I got so mad, building a town was just supposed to be fun. Will you come back to my house today to complete our town?" I asked. "Sure, Johnny," they said. We all took on a role and the town was done in no time. It was great

1.Who are the characters in the story? // 2.What happens in the middle of the story? // 3.Why do you think Johnny got mad at the beginning of the story? // 4.What is the central message of the story? // 5.When was a time that you worked better with other people than when you worked by yourself?