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Leggi il seguente brano(liv.1a media) e poi indica se le affermazioni al fondo sono VERE o FALSE.

LETIZIA: Hi, Alberto. ALBERTO: Hi, Letizia. So, this is your new house. LETIZIA: Yes. This is the front garden... And there's a back garden too. ALBERTO: Cool! LETIZIA: Anyway, come in. Hang your coat behind the door. This is the sitting room. There are two sofas and an armchair. Next to the sitting room is the study. And opposite the study... ALBERTO: ...there's the kitchen. LETIZIA: Shh! Don't interrupt! Next to the kitchen is the dining room. ALBERTO: Where's your room? LETIZIA: It's upstairs... Here, between my brother's room and the bathroom. Sorry, it's a bit of a mess. ALBERTO: Mmm... There are some shoes under the bed. There aren't any posters on the walls. Are there any clothes in this wardrobe? LETIZIA: Alberto, don't open that door! Oh no! Alberto: LETIZIA, you're really untidy. LETIZIA: Untidy, but happy. ALBERTO: Why? LETIZIA: Because I've finally got my own room.
1 Letizia's new house is at 188 Dalton Road. 2 The house has got two gardens. 3 The sitting room is upstairs. 4 The kitchen and dining room are downstairs. 5 The friends are in her brother's room. 6 Letizia is a tidy girl.