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Leggi il seguente brano(liv.1a media) e poi indica se le affermazioni al fondo sono TRUE, FALSE o NOT GIVEN.

Mr O'Brian is the head of the British Health Department. Ile isn't very happy about the survey results. Ile is worried because young people aren't interested in the quality of food. They have a diet of junk food, with unhealthy snacks, not much fruit and not many vegetables. A lot of teenagers skip breakfast, and breakfast is very important. Bad eating habits are a problem for some adults, too. A lot of adults have got busy lives and haven't got time for healthy cooking. They have ready meals or takeaways because they are quick and easy. But there are some interesting results from the survey, too. Junk food and takeaways are not the only diets in the UK. lbday, 2096 of the British population is meat-free and vegetarian. And 2% of the population has a vegan diet —without any foods from animals, like milk, eggs or cheese. 6% of people are allergic to some foods, like gluten, milk or nuts. Because of these diets, new foods like soy milk or tofu are now popular. In multi-ethnic Britain, 60% of the population is curious about food from other cultures. In fact, the most popular food in the UK is Indian!
1 Mr O'Brian is satisfied with British diets. 2 Teenagers have a lot of vegetables in their diet. 3 Not many adults have time for cooking. 4 Takeaways are cheap. 5 All British people have bad diets. 6 There's no food from animals in a vegan diet. 7 There are special foods for people with allergies. 8 British people have Indian food every day.