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THE WASHING MACHINE BOX. Sarah's family's washing machine stopped working, so her dad ordered a new one. It was going to be delivered on Saturday. When Saturday came, Sarah and her friend Emily sat in the front yard waiting for the delivery. They were excited because they knew that they would get to play with the box. "Big boxes are so much fun," said Sarah. Emily agreed and said, "We can make the box into whatever we want." "Here comes the delivery truck," yelled Emily. As soon as the washing machine was out of the box, Sarah and Emily took out some crayons and colored all over it. They turned it into a pink, red, blue and yellow club house. It was their clubhouse for a while, and then it was a fancy car. After that, they cut out a square on one side and made it into a TV. They acted out their favorite TV shows for the rest of Sarah's family. It was a fun day for everyone.

1.What did Sarah's dad order? // 2.What would Sarah and Emily get to do with the box? // 3.What colors did they use for the clubhouse? // 4.What is the last thing Sarah and Emily turned the box into?