ESERCIZIO NUM: 798 - CATEGORIA: comprensione > present-continuous comprensione-advanced - DIFFICOLTA': ****

Jim è un padre preoccupato e telefona a sua moglie Liz per scoprire cosa stanno facendo i bambini. Completa il dialogo con i verbi suggeriti al PRESENT CONTINUOUS. Potrebbe essere necessario modificare l'ordine di alcune parole.

Jim: Liz, where are the children? I heard that a big storm (come) towards town. // Liz: Don't worry, Jim. Everybody is safe. // Jim: But, (riding) Jane her bike in the street today? // Liz: Not any more. When it started to rain, she came in the house. Now, she (do) a jigsaw puzzle on the floor. Amy (try) to help her. // Jim: Is Nick in the garden? (play) soccer? // Liz: No, he's here too, Jim. He (study) for his French test at school tomorrow. // Jim: And, Sasha? Where is she? // Liz: She (help) me in the kitchen. // Jim: (she/cook)? // Liz: No! I (bake) a cake and she (clean) everything I use. // Jim: OK, I (come) home now!