ESERCIZIO NUM: 860 - CATEGORIA: comprensione > cibo comprensione-intermediate - DIFFICOLTA': ***

Che cibo sono? Leggi le domande e rispondi con il nome del cibo richiesto(01):

1. You need me to make a sandwich or toast. / 2. I’m yellow and people like me on their pizza. / 3. We are a small round red fruit. We grow on trees. / 4. We are made from potatoes and taste great with ketchup. / 5. Eat us fried, boiled or scrambled. / 6. We are a very small round green vegetable. / 7. I’m white and I make your coffee sweet. / 8. Children like me with their cereals. Cats just love me / 9. I’m a popular fast food with a sausage in the middle