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HELPING HALLY. Sam was sitting on the couch, watching television. His mom walked in the door with Hally, their dog. Hally walked right over to Sam and licked him hello. "Hi Hally! How was your checkup?" Sam asked. Hally just looked at Sam. "We have to help Hally," said Mom. "Help her how?" asked Sam. "Do you remember when we went to pick up Hally from her litter? We picked her because she looked like her mom. She is brown with spots, with long ears, and she was energetic, so we thought she'd be strong, like her mom. But how does she look now?" Mom asked. "Well," thought Sam, "She's still brown with spots and long ears, but she's not very energetic or strong anymore." "That's what the vet said, too. We haven't been letting her exercise as much, and we've been feeding her a lot. She would probably look just like her mom now if we had walked her more. We have to start walking her more often, so that she'll stay healthy for a long time. Will you help?" "Sure!" said Sam. He decided that he could play fetch with her every day in the yard, because then she could run and run and run until she was tired. The first day, they only played fetch for about 10 minutes before Hally was tired. But Sam kept playing with her every day. Soon, they could play for an entire half an hour! Hally looked stronger every day, just like her mom. Sam felt great about helping Hally get strong again.

1.Recount the story in your own words. // 2.How did Hally change throughout the story? // 3.What are the problem and solution in the story? // 4.How did Hally's environment change her traits?