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Leggi il seguente brano sulla diffusione della lingua inglese e poi completa in modo corretto le affermazioni alla fine.

Everywhere around the world people speak or study English. There are 375 milion people who speak English as their first language. There are 400 miilion people who speak English as a second language or foreign language. In Nigeria, for example, people speak their native language and English as a second language to use with people who don't speak their native language. English is the international language of business, science, technology, diplomacy, academic conferences, pop music, films and air-traffic control. 80% of Internet users communicate in English and more than 50% of all the newspapers in the world are in English. There are 250 million Chinese students learning English on TV. English is essential for many jobs today but more than this, it is a passport to the world.
1..........people speak English as a second or foreign language 2.........of Internet communication is in Enghsh. 3..........Chinese students are learning Enghsh on TV. 4...........of all the world's newspapers are in English. 5...............people speak English as their first language