ESERCIZIO NUM: 137 - CATEGORIA: comprensione > avverbi comprensione-intermediate - DIFFICOLTA': ***

Completa la storia utilizzando AND, BUT oppure SO(01):

It was Mark’s birthday __and__ his dad came home with a special gift. Mark was excited to know what was in it, __________ he quickly opened the box. Inside, he found a cute, fluffy, _________ orange kitten looking up at him. Mark took him out of the box, __________ he was not sure how to hold it. Quickly, the kitten left his hand __________ climbed up his sleeve. Mark wrapped his arms around it, __________ it would not fall, __________ the kitten continued to climb until it reached Mark’s shoulder. There, it sat down __________ cuddled against Mark’s neck. Mark did not know if he should leave it there __________ take it down, __________ before he could decide, the kitten began to purr. That is when Mark realized he had made a brand, new friend!