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HOW TO MAKE ICE CREAM. Do you like ice cream? Maybe you always buy it at the store or from an ice cream shop, but did you know you can make your own ice cream at home? First, gather your materials. You will need milk, sugar, and vanilla as the ingredients for the ice cream. You will also need some other materials to turn those ingredients into ice cream. The other materials are two zip-top plastic bags, ice, and salt. One of the zip-top plastic bags should be larger than the other. You might also want winter gloves or a towel to use later on! In the smaller bag, combine 1 cup of milk, about 2 tablespoons of sugar, and ½ teaspoon of vanilla. Close the top up tightly! Use your hands to squish the bag to mix the ingredients, or shake the bag. In the larger bag, combine between 2-4 cups of ice and about ? cup of salt. Put the smaller bag into the larger bag, making sure the small bag is still closed tightly. Close the larger bag. If you want to keep your hands warm, put on the winter gloves or wrap the larger bag in a towel. Shake the bags for at least 5 minutes. Take a peek at the smaller bag to see if it looks like ice cream, or if it's still liquid. If it looks like ice cream, then you can take the smaller bag out of the larger one, pour the ice cream into a bowl, and enjoy your treat! If it still looks thin, shake the bag for a few more minutes before enjoying. When you feel successful at making plain vanilla ice cream, experiment with adding different ingredients to make your own delicious flavors!

1.What is the short story mostly about? // 2.If you were going to add in your own ingredients, which paragraphs would you need to add more information to? // 3.What is the main topic of the second paragraph? // 4.How do you know it's time to stop shaking the bags? // 5.What does the word "combine"mean in the third paragraph? How do you know?