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PRETTY FISH. "Look, mom! See what a pretty fish! It is a little trout," said John to his mother. John's mother asked, "Where did you get it, John?" "Frank caught it in the brook. I went to the brook to splash in the water and I saw this little fish. Then I told Frank about the fish, and he ran to get his fishing rod. He put the rod into the water and caught the fish, and I put it into this bucket.""Well, what will you do with it?" asked John's mother."I will keep it, mom," replied John."But, my boy, it will not live in that bucket. You should put it back into the brook," replied his mother. John frowned. "I wish I could keep it. It is so pretty! May I put it into the pond?" "No, John," said his Mom. "You must put it into the brook. A trout will not live in the warm pond. The trout needs to go back to its home: the clear, cold brook."

1.What kind of fish did John find? // 2.How did Frank catch the fish? // 3.Why can't the fish live in the pond? // 4.What do you think will happen next in the story?