ESERCIZIO NUM: 139 - CATEGORIA: comprensione > avverbi comprensione-intermediate - DIFFICOLTA': ***

Completa la storia utilizzando AND, BUT oppure SO(03):

We were visiting my grandma when she told my dad that her rocking chair was broken. Dad looked at it __but__ could not fix it there, __________ we took it home with us. That night, dad asked me to help fix grandma’s rocking chair. We brought it to the garage __________ dad set it on the floor. He looked at it __________ asked me for a screwdriver. I went to the toolbox __________ found several. I brought two back __________ asked my dad if he wanted the red one __________ the blue one. He took the red one. Then, he asked me to hold the chair steady ___________ he could replace a fallen screw. After that, dad thought he was done, ___________ the chair was still not working well. It turns out that the missing screw had fallen in the rocking mechanism ___________ was stopping the chair from going. Dad got some pliers __________ took it out. Now grandma’s chair was fixed!