ESERCIZIO NUM: 549 - CATEGORIA: comprensione > comprensione-intermediate - DIFFICOLTA': ****

Completa il seguente brano nel modo corretto, utilizzando le parole proposte(03):

PAROLE DA USARE: catalog, silverware, decorations, enjoyable, application, purchase, total, contribute, composition, knowledge
My sister loves to look at home _____ and imagine how she will style her own home someday. Every time we get a _______, she looks through it and cuts out pictures of furniture, paintings, and even kitchen ______ she could __________ for her own house. She finds it very __________! When we go to a home goods store, she will almost always buy decor, and ends up spending a lot of money in _______ . Our mom suggested she fill out an _______ to work at that store, since then her pay will help __________ to her decorating funds. She could also gain a lot of __________ on decorating through working there, too, such as how to use a __________ of materials to enhance the look of a room. My sister was very lucky and got the job!