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THE SOLVER. Kevin loves to read mystery books. He reads mystery books because he likes to try to solve the mystery himself before he gets to the end. Solving puzzles is like solving mysteries, so he likes working on puzzles too. He also likes solving problems. Kevin can usually solve any mystery, puzzle or problem. One day Kevin's mom was trying to find her glasses. Without her glasses, she could not drive. This was a problem because she was going to drive Kevin to his friend's house. It was also a mystery and a puzzle. Kevin really wanted to solve this mystery. Kevin sat down with his mom. "Where do you last remember seeing your glasses?" he asked. "I had them on while I was watching the news this morning," she said. "Where were you watching the news?" asked Kevin. His mom thought for a minute, and then she answered that she was in the family room. She remembered sitting in her favorite chair and taking off her glasses when the news ended. She thought she placed her glasses on the table, but they weren't there. "Are you sure you didn't put them on again after the morning news?" asked Kevin. "Maybe I did," his mom replied. "Let's walk through your day, Mom," said Kevin. Kevin had his mom describe everything she remembered doing during the day so far. She mentioned watching the news, making breakfast, folding laundry, working in her home office and then gardening. It was after gardening that she started looking for her glasses. After hearing about his mom's day, Kevin retraced her path through the house and yard. He looked under the cushion of her favorite chair, in the kitchen, in the laundry basket, in her office and around the garden. He didn't find her glasses. Kevin doesn't give up easily though so he looked in each place again and he looked even harder. It was on his second go around of the kitchen that he thought to open the cabinets instead of just looking on the counters. Kevin solved the mystery, the puzzle and the problem. He found his mom's glasses in the drawer with the silverware. "Thank you, Kevin," said his mom, "I wouldn't be able to see anything without you."

1. What does Kevin like to solve? // 2. What was Kevin's mom trying to find? // 3. Why did Kevin want his mom to find her missing item? // 4. What was the first thing Kevin's mom did in the morning? // 6. Where did Kevin end up finding the missing item?