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SUN, STARS AND MOON. In the sky, you can see the sun, stars, and the moon. The sun is up during the day. It is very hot. The sun gives us light and heat. Plants need the sun to grow. We can see the stars at night. They give off light and heat, like the sun. That is because the sun is a star, too! There are more stars than we can count. Some people see shapes in the stars. A group of stars that make a shape is called a constellation. Have you ever seen the Big Dipper? That is a constellation! The moon is out at night. Sometimes we can still see it during the day! It does not give off light and heat

What is this short story about? / How are the sun and the stars the same? / What is a constellation / How is the moon different than the sun and the stars? / Do you know any other facts about the sun, stars, or moon? Write what you know.