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WILL THE WOLF. Will was fed up. All he wanted was to do things his way. Why did all the wolves have to do everything together anyway? They ate together, played together, slept together, and walked together. Everywhere. Everyday. It was exhausting. Will was growing up. He could do things himself now, and he had some pretty good ideas, too! But his mom wouldn't let him try his ideas by himself. Will didn't get it. One day, the pack was walking through the woods. Will had an idea that there was food down a path, but the pack didn't want to go that way. Finally, Will said, "Why do we need a pack anyway? I'm going to go down that path and I'll have plenty to eat! I don't need you guys!" The pack did not approve. They said, "Will, you can try going off on your own, but we need to work together in our pack. Packs help us survive." Will didn't believe them. He ran off on his own. He ran for miles. He started to get tired, and it was getting dark. Usually, the pack would all find a spot together to sleep, but Will had no pack now. He decided to find a cave. When he settled down to sleep, Will though, "Sleeping would be much easier with my pack all around me. If something comes, I'd have them to protect me." He barely slept that night. In the morning, he decided to go back. Will hoped he could find his pack again. He ran back to where they'd last been together. As he was running, he smelled a deer. "Hmmmm..." Will thought. "The pack would be impressed if I brought a deer for us all." So he decided to hunt on his own. Quietly, he crept through the woods. He tracked the deer into a clearing. Will looked around. Where was the deer? Suddenly, something charged out of the trees at him! It was the deer, and those antlers were sharp!!! If his pack were here, they would help him, but Will was alone. He ran from the deer as fast as he could! After a while, the deer stopped chasing him. Will rested. He started thinking how much easier this trip would have been with his pack by his side. He would have been able to sleep soundly. He would have been warmer with them all around him. He would have been able to take down the deer with his pack by his side. Now, Will was just hungry and lonely. He realized his pack had been right, packs do help them survive. Will knew that now, and was determined to find his pack and work hard to help them as much as they help him.

1.Recount the story in your own words. // 2.What is the central lesson of the story? // 3.Describe Will. Would Will have learned a lesson if his personality was different? // 4.How would a different setting have changed the story? // 5.Why does Will need his pack?