ESERCIZIO NUM: 1015 - CATEGORIA: comprensione > comprensione-intermediate - DIFFICOLTA': ***

GRANDPA'S COOKING. Ella loves her grandpa. He lives in Texas and comes to visit once a month. She wishes he came to visit every week because he tells great stories and makes her favorite dinner. Ella asks her mom to make the barbeque chicken that Grandpa makes. Ella's mom says, "I will try, but no one make it as well as Grandpa does. Ella watches her mom prepare the sauce for the chicken. It looks tasty. When the chicken is finished cooking, Ella's family sits down to eat. Her mom was right; no one make the barbeque chicken as well as Grandpa. The next time her grandpa comes to visit, Ella tells him the story about her mom trying to make the chicken. Her grandpa says, "That is a great story." Then he teaches Ella and her mom how to make the chicken. Ella and her mom make the barbeque chicken once a week. It still does not taste quite as good as Grandpa's. Ella loves her grandpa.

1.Where does Ella's grandpa live? // 2.What is Ella's favorite dinner? // 3.What story did Ella tell her grandpa? // 4.What does Grandpa teach Ella and her mom to make?