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SHARKS. What has fins, sharp teeth, and swims in the ocean? A shark! Sharks have been around for a very long time. Sharks have lived in the oceans even before dinosaurs roamed the earth! Sharks are fish, and there are over 400 types of sharks. When they have babies, the babies are called pups. Sharks lose their teeth, like humans, but they don't just lose their baby teeth. They lose teeth throughout their lives. When a shark loses a tooth, a tooth from another row of teeth will move into its place. New teeth are always growing. Most sharks are carnivores, so they feed on ot her animals, like fish or seals. Sharks might look scary, but they are not usually dangerous to people. People are more dangerous to sharks, since people hunt sharks. To be safe, though, it is a good idea to leave sharks alone if you see them!

1.What is the main topic of the 3rd paragraph? // 2.What does the word carnivore mean? How do you know? // 3.Why are people dangerous to sharks? // 4.What are baby sharks called? Highlight the sentence that told you the answer.