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Leggi il seguente brano e indica se le affermazioni al termine sono vere o false.

British festivals celebrate historical events or they come from ancient customs or traditions. Some festivals are popular all over the UK, like Bonfire Night and May Day. Bonfire Night is on 5th of November. The festival commemorates a failed attempt to blow up the English Parliament in London by Guy Fawkes in 1605. Children make big effigies called GUYS with straw, old clothes and paper. On Bonfire Night people burn the Guys on big bonfires and they watch fireworks. The first of May is May Day. This festival has Roman origins and celebrates the end of the winter. People choose a King and a Queen of May. They decorate a young tree (the Maypole) with ribbons, flowers and flags and they dance around it. The first Monday of May is also a bank holiday so there is no school.
AFFERMAZIONI: 1 Bonfire Night commemorates a historical event. 2 People celebrate Bonfire Night only in London. 3 People make Guys and burn them in bonfires. 4 May Day is last day of May. 5 People celebrate the King and the Queen of May with dances around a tree.