ESERCIZIO NUM: 2988 - CATEGORIA: comprensione > comprensione-intermediate - DIFFICOLTA': ***

Leggi il racconto di Amy e indica se le affermazioni al fondo sono vere (T), false (F) o not given (NG).

I did a lot of extreme sports when I was younger. My favourite hobby was bungee jumping. I travelled all over England to find the best places to jump with my friends but I haven't done a jump since I was 22. One summer, I did a bad jump and broke both my arms. It was terrible. Now, I prefer rock climbing or trekking. I still like doing exciting things and next summer I'm going to swim with sharks! My mum thinks I'm crazy. She says I should learn to bake cakes or paint! I might start those hobbies when I'm old but I'll never stop having adventures.
AFFERMAZIONI: 1) She did her first bungee jump when she was 2) She likes paragliding. 3) Amy's mum thinks she's crazy. 4) Amy might do some new hobbies when she's older. 5) She will stop having adventure when she has children. 6) Amy does a lot of extreme sports.