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ONE OF AESOP'S FABLES. An old cat wanted to catch all the mice in the barn. One day,the mice met to talk about the great harm that cat was doing to them. Each mouse tried to think of a plan by which to keep out of the cat’s way. "Do as I say,"said an old gray mouse that was thought to be very wise. "Do as I say. Hang a bell on the cat's neck. Then, when we hear it ring, we will know that she is coming and can scamper out of her way." "Good! good!" said all the other mice as one ran to get the bell. "Now which of you will hang this bell on the cat's neck?" said the old gray mouse. "Not I! not I!" said all the mice together. And they scampered away to their holes.

1.What did the old cat want to do to the mice? / 2.Where do the mice live? / 3.What was the old gray mouse’s plan to stop the cat? / 4.Who wants to hang the bell?