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SPRINGTIME TADPOLES. Every spring Max and his brother Will go to the pond at the end of their street to look for tadpoles. They love to catch them so they can watch them turn into frogs. This spring when Max and Will go to the pond to catch tadpoles, they see a painted turtle sitting on a log enjoying the sun. "Look at the cool turtle," says Will. "Should we try to catch it?" Max asks. Will responds, "I like catching tadpoles better." Max agrees with Will. They fill their bucket with tadpoles and head home. When they get there, they empty the bucket into a big, wide tub. They cover the tub with a screen so animals can't get to the tadpoles. They keep the tub in the shade so the water does not get too hot. Max and Will go to the pond every day to bring back fresh water and leaves from the bottom of the pond for the tadpoles to eat. After six weeks, the tadpoles grow into frogs. Then Max and Will take them back to the pond so they can live happily ever after.

1.Why do Max and Will love to catch tadpoles? // 2.What do they see sitting on a log? // 3.Where do they keep the tub of tadpoles? // 4.What do they do once the tadpoles grow into frogs?