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Leggi il seguente brano(liv.1a media) e poi rispondi a vari tipi di domande:

My name is George, I'm 13 and I live in Brixham in Devonshire. My parents have a small tied 8 Breakfast and my sister Emily and I often give them a hand before and after school. We start our lessons at 9 o'clock, but before we go to school Emily helps our parents in the kitchen to make breakfast for the guests. I set the tables in the breakfast room. I'm good at it! After school, I often help dad with the laundry. I don't mind unloading the washing machine and hanging out the washing, but I hate doing the Ironing! Fortunately, dad does it! Emily prefers doing the shopping with MUM We have dinner together early, then Emily and I do our homework. Do you think we haven't got any tree time? You're wrong! Emily loves playing volleyball. She Is in the local team and she has practice on Mondays and Thursdays. I like hanging out with my friends and going fishing with them. Sometimes dad cooks the fish I catch!
Indica quale delle seguenti attività è svolta da George e quale da Emily: unloading the washing machine / doing the shopping / going fishing / helping to make breakfast / setting tables / hanging out the washing / playing volleyball / hanging out with friends
1 When do George and Emily help their parents? 2 What does George do in the breakfast room? 3 What does he hate doing? 4 Does Emily do the ironing? 5 What does she prefer doing? 6 What do George and Emily do after dinner? 7 Does Emily have volleyball practice twice a week? 8 What does George like doing in his free time?