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NED AND ROVER AND JACK. A boy named Ned had a little puppy dog named Rover. One day, Ned's papa gave him a nice new toy wagon. Ned was pulling it around the yard when he saw Rover. "Come, Rover,"he said, "I will give you a fun ride." So he took Rover and put him in the wagon and gave him a ride. But just then Ned saw his friend Tom. Tom was running down the street. Ned called to him, but he did not hear. Ned wanted to show Tom his new wagon, so he ran after Tom as fast as he could go, calling for him: "Tom! Tom!"He did not think of poor little Rover he was pulling at great speed. Rover was barking with all his might, "Bow! wow! Bow-wow! bow-wow-wow-wow!" which means "Oh, stop! stop! I'm going to fall out!" The next minute, Rover went "bumpity-bump!" out into the road and ran off home, crying, "Ow-wow-wow!" He was not hurt much, but he was badly frightened. Rover soon forgot his wagon ride, and he grew and he grew and he grew till he was a big dog. By that time, Ned's little brother Jack had a little wagon. But now Rover was too big to ride in it, so Jack said he would make Rover pull it, and he would ride. Ned helped him to harness Rover like a horse, and Jack climbed in and took the reins. "Get up," said Jack, and away they went out into the yard and on into a big field. Just then a little rabbit started up in front of them, and the minute Rover saw it, he began to race after the rabbit. Poor Jack couldn't hold him at all. Round and round they went, and they ran, and they ran, and they ran! Jack called out, "Whoa, Rover! Stop, Rover!" But Rover didn't stop. He wanted to catch the rabbit, and he forgot about Jack. At last the rabbit ran toward a hole under the wall where Rover could not get him. Rover dashed after him as fast as he could go. "Bumpity-bump" went the little wagon, and just as Rover missed the rabbit, the wheel struck a big stone and poor Jack tumbled out on the ground. Jack didn't cry. He was not hurt much, and he wasn't frightened at all. He ran and caught Rover and said, "Oho! Who cares for a little bump like that? You're a funny horse, Rover. You didn't catch your rabbit, you old runaway, did you?"

1.Why did Ned call to Tom? // 2.Why didn't Rover stop when Jack asked him to? // 3.How are the two part of the story about Rover alike?