ESERCIZIO NUM: 551 - CATEGORIA: comprensione > comprensione-intermediate - DIFFICOLTA': ****

Completa il seguente brano nel modo corretto, utilizzando le parole proposte(05):

PAROLE DA USARE: coarse, smoothness, severe, accelerate, bumpy, firm, jagged, rate, gorgeous, spiral
The spaceship began to ______. “Hold on, it’s going to be a _______ ride!” the pilot announced. Our __________ continued to increase until we got out of the atmosphere. “Wow, the Earth looks ________ from up here!” I said. The clouds were in a __________ shape to the south, and looked like a __________ mountaintop in the north. Just then, we made a __________ turn, and I hit my head against the very __________ headrest. “Ouch!” “Oops, sorry,” the pilot said. I ran my fingers through my __________ hair, but didn’t feel a lump. After that, though, there were no more rough spots, so I could just enjoy the _______ of the ride.