ESERCIZIO NUM: 1019 - CATEGORIA: comprensione > comprensione-intermediate - DIFFICOLTA': ***

TEN LITTLE COOKIES. Ten little cookies, brown and crisp and fine—Grandma gave Baby one; then there were nine.Nine little cookies on a china plate—Betty took a small one; then there were eight. Eight little cookies, nice and round and even—The butcher boy ate one; then there were seven. Seven little cookies, much liked by chicks—The old hen ate one, then there were six. Six little cookies, when grandma went to drive—Betty had another one; then there were five. Five little cookies, placed too near the door—The little doggie ate one; then there were four. Four little cookies, brown as brown could be—Grandma took one for herself, then there were three. Three little cookies—when grandpa said, "I too,Would like a very little one"; then there were two. Two little cookies—fast did Betty run To give one to her mamma; then there was one. One little cookie—and now our story is done. Baby Jane ate the last; then there was none.

1.How many cookies were left after the butcher boy ate one? // 2.Who ate the cookie placed near the door? // 3.What kind of cookie did Grandpa eat? // 4.How many cookies did Betty eat in all?