ESERCIZIO NUM: 548 - CATEGORIA: comprensione > comprensione-intermediate - DIFFICOLTA': ****

Completa il seguente brano nel modo corretto, utilizzando le parole proposte(02):

PAROLE DA USARE: malfunction, embarrass, plastic, headache, agriculture, error, fertilizer, ruined, exhaust, drench
We took a field trip to a farm to learn all about ______. I didn’t think it would be much fun, because it was raining and I knew the rain would ______ us, since we would be outside almost all day! To start, the farmer talked to us while we sat on upside-down ______ buckets. “Today will probably _______ you all, since we’ll be trying out a lot of the different jobs around the farm. We’ll spread ______ to help crops grow, plant seeds, water them, collect eggs, and maybe even milk a cow! Don’t make an __________ while you do that, though, or the cow won’t like it very much.” I had a ______ from the smell of the barn already, but I didn’t want to ______ myself, so I listened closely as the farmer gave us instructions. His crops would be ____ if I didn’t listen! He explained that he didn’t use too many machines because of the cost and how often they could ______. He was right, it was an exhausting day, but I didn’t even notice the rain and ended up having a lot of fun!