ESERCIZIO NUM: 2986 - CATEGORIA: comprensione > comprensione-intermediate - DIFFICOLTA': ****

Leggi il brano su Emma e indica, nelle frasi al termine, l'alternativa corretta.

I have been a volunteer at my local library for eighteen months. I started weatiter when I was 12 years old. My mum has been a library volunteer for years and years, I can't remember when she started. We moved house two years ago and my mum took me to meet our new librarian. She was really kind and a week later I went to meet the other volunteers. I really liked them all. I am the youngest volunteer but age isn't important. I have always loved reading. I remember my first visit to our old library when I was about three. I pulled all the books off the shelves and looked at all the pictures! I have been to the library every week since that day. I haven't read all the great classics yet but I have already decided that I want to study English Literature at university and become an English teacher. Now I help younger children learn to read and we choose different stories every week. We have read hundreds of books together! We've made lots of posters too to decorate the children's section. We haven't put all of them on the walls because there are too many but I have kept all of them in a special box at the library.
FRASI: 1 Emma has been a volunteer at her local library for eighteen MONTHS/YEARS. 2 She has always loved READING/WRITING. 3 She remembers her first visit to her OLD/NEW library. 4 She pulled all the BOOKS/PICTURES off the shelves. 5 She HAS/HASN'T been to the library every week since that day. 6 She HAS/HASN'T read all the great classics. 7 She has JUST/ALREADY decided that she wants to study English Literature at university. 8 Emma and the children choose the SAME/DIFFERENT stories every week. 9 They HAVE/HAVEN'T read hundreds of books together. LO Emma HAS/HASN'T kept all the posters in a special box.