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HIDE AND SEEK. "Come boys, what shall we do? Let's play hide and seek," suggested Fred."Oh yes! That will be fun for all of us. Who will shut his eyes? Fred, will you shut your eyes?" asked Roy. "Yes, I‘ll shut my eyes while you all go and hide," replied Fred. Then Fred stood by the tree and shut his eyes, and the other boys ran off to hide. Pretty soon Fred shouted, "Boys, are you all hidden? Well, here I go. One, two, three, here I come!" Fred started to look for the hidden boys. He spotted Andrew hiding in a box. "Ha! I found you, Andrew. You are in that box!" shouted Fred. Then Fred said to Roy, "I found you, Roy. You are under the sofa." Fred could not find Frank. Fred kept looking and then saw Frank behind the curtain. "Oh there he is! I found you, Frank. Come out from behind the curtain. I see your black shoes!" shouted Fred. Now it was Andrew's turn to stand by the door and shut his eyes while the other boys hid.

1.Who is the first person to close his eyes and seek? // 2.Where was Roy hiding? // 3.What is Frank wearing that others can see? // 4.How many boys are playing the game all together?