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MOVING ON. Several years went by, and the father of the Boone family called them together. "Pack your things," he told them. "We are leaving here. Boones never stay long in one place. Besides, our farm land is worn out. We can buy rich land cheap to the Southwestof here. We will settle there."Sixteen-year-old Daniel was happy. "I'm glad we are going," he said. "I feel crowded here. There are too many houses and too many people."Father prepared for the journey. He took out the big wagon and hitched two horses to it. Mother packed clothes, quilts, dishes, pots, pans and kettles. She would fix food for the family along the way. Daniel tied a cow behind the wagon. The family said goodbye to the neighbors and to their old home and started on their way. Mother, the girls, and the little children rode in the wagon. Father and the boys rode the horses. Sometimes all of them walked to give the horses a rest. The Boones traveled across Pennsylvania. On and on they went toward the new country. At last the family came to the rolling, green Yadkin Valley in North Carolina. There were a few houses there already, but it was much wilder than in Pennsylvania. Father said, "This is good farming land. We will stop here."Daniel looked all about him. There was level land close by. There were woods not far away. There were mountains in the West. Daniel knew the hunting would be good."I like this place," he said. "There's plenty of room here."Father and the boys jumped off the horses. Mother and the girls climbed down from the wagon. They fed the horses and the cow. They made a campfire. Father and the boys cut down trees and started to build a log house. Soon the Boones had a new home in the new land.The years went by. Daniel grew taller. His shoulders became wider. He was fair-haired, blue-eyed, lean and rugged. He hunted in the woods of the Yadkin Valley. The Boones' neighbors said that Daniel was the best shot for miles around. Daniel Boone had grown into a man.

1.How old was Daniel Boone when they moved? // 2.Why did the family need to move? // 3.Why didn't they always ride the horses? // 4.In which state does the family Boone make their new home?