ESERCIZIO NUM: 244 - CATEGORIA: comprensione > present-simple past-simple futuro present-perfect past-perfect comprensione-advanced - DIFFICOLTA': ****

Leggi la storia e completa il brano coniugando i verbi proprosti fra parentesi al tempo corretto(01):

It was a beautiful day in Paris. Ian and Kelly had been walking all day, and now they were (to be) both very tired. They __________ (decide) to stop at a nearby café to have a snack. They __________ (look) around for a few minutes, but they couldn’t find a place to eat. They did, however, find a grocery store. “Let’s __________ (have) a picnic! We __________ (buy) food here at the store, and we will eat a meal in the park across the street,” __________ (suggest) Ian. “I __________ (love) this idea,” said Kelly. “I __________ always __________ (love) picnics since I __________ (to be) a little girl.” Kelly and Ian __________ (enter) the store and __________ (buy) bread, cheese, chocolate, and fruit. They __________ (pay) the cashier and __________ (exit) the building. At the park, Ian __________ (find) an empty bench, and they both __________ (sit). “What a great day!” Kelly said. “This __________ (to be) the best day I have ever had in Paris. This picnic food __________ (taste) delicious.” “We __________ (do) this all again tomorrow,” said Ian. “I will buy more food again for tomorrow’s meal.” “That __________ (sound) like a perfect plan!” exclaimed Kelly.