ESERCIZIO NUM: 872 - CATEGORIA: comprensione > comprensione-intermediate - DIFFICOLTA': ***

KITTEN'S CHOICE. Kitten plays with her new toy. She loves her new toy. Her brother likes her new toy, too. When Kitten isn't playing with it, her brother takes it to play. Kitten is having fun. Then, she sees a mouse! She wants to chase the mouse. If she chases the mouse, her brother will take her toy. Kitten thinks. She can only choose one thing to play with. If she picks the mouse, her toy will go away with her brother. If she picks the toy, the mouse will run away. Which one should Kitten pick? Kitten runs after the mouse. She does not see a lot of mice, so that is more fun. She does not catch the mouse, but she has fun running after him. Kitten is happy with her choice.

Who are the characters? / What is the problem? / How does she solve the problem? / Why does Kitten pick the mouse? Highlight the sentence that told you. / Do you think Kitten will make the same choice next time? Why?