ESERCIZIO NUM: 1012 - CATEGORIA: comprensione > comprensione-intermediate - DIFFICOLTA': ***

PLAYGROUND. Molly and her friend Bella were playing at the playground. They were supposed to be taking turns on the swing. Molly counted to 100 while Bella was on the swing. Bella didn't get off the swing."Bella! I counted to 100, it's my turn!" said Molly. "You counted too fast, it's still my turn," Bella said. Molly was upset. She wanted a turn on the swing, too! What could she do? Molly could tell the teacher, but her teacher always wanted them to try to solve the problem first. What could she try? She decided to try using an "I message". That means to tell the other person how you're feeling, why you feel that way, and what they can please do to make it better."Bella, I feel sad because we were supposed to take turns after 100 seconds. Will you please get off?" Molly asked. Finally, Bella go off the swing. Molly was happy because she solved her problem all by herself!

1.Who are the characters in the story? // 2.What is the problem? // 3.Where does the story take place? // 4.How does Molly solve the problem? // 5.Have you ever had a problem with a friend? How did you, or could you, solve it?