ESERCIZIO NUM: 245 - CATEGORIA: comprensione > present-simple past-simple futuro present-perfect past-perfect comprensione-advanced - DIFFICOLTA': ****

Leggi la storia e completa il brano coniugando i verbi proprosti fra parentesi al tempo corretto(02):

Alison had always wanted to play basketball on the high school team ever since she was (to be) a little girl. She __________ (practice) for years to prepare for her chance to join the team. Finally, she __________ (start) high school, and she __________ (know) she would have her chance. At the first practice, she __________ (work) very hard. The coach __________ (ask) her how long she had been playing. “I __________ (play) for almost my whole life. Basketball is my favorite thing in the whole world,” Alison __________ (reply). Every day, Alison __________ (go) to the gym. She __________ (lift) weights, __________ (run) laps, and __________ (do) exercises. She __________ (to be) determined to do her best. Finally the coach __________ (choose) the teams. Alison __________ (to be) anxious to see the list of players. She __________ (walk) up to the list and found her name. She had made the very best high school team! Her biggest dream __________ (come) true. She was excited to start her new season.